Oct 31/16

Mayco International Launches New Corporate Brand

Sterling Heights, Mich. – October 31, 2016: Today, Mayco International – a global Tier 1 automotive supplier – will unveil a new corporate brand identity via an updated responsive website to enhance user experience. The growth of the company over the last 10 years has driven the decision, which will bring unity and continuity across the Mayco Brand.

Brand Manager Caralyn Tignanelli said, “With an increased number of domestic and international programs we provide to automakers around the world, we needed an updated brand to reflect the scale and diversity of services Mayco provides through innovative technologies, dedication to quality and global sustainability. Our new brand does this in a simple, memorable and deliberate way.”

Mayco International’s rebranding represents its ongoing and successful transition and expansion into new ventures such as wind-power technology.

The refreshed brand identity is clean and modernized, featuring a new logo that embraces a global feel and unified vision. The updated color palette evokes durability, stability and forward motion.

About Mayco International: Mayco International, headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, is a multi-billion dollar, Tier 1 automotive supplier with more than 6,000 employees in 47 locations across the USA, China, India, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, and Australia. Mayco provides design and advanced engineering services, tooling, manufacturing and assembly, sequencing and logistics, as well as systems integration services. While automotive plastic components are its primary business, the company is also involved in new ventures such as natural fiber automotive parts, wind-power technology, and entire vehicle assembly.