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The Entrepreneurial spirit is in the DNA of Mayco International. We desire people who are dedicated to hard work; who are creative, independent thinkers. At Mayco International, employees are encouraged to work as a team to maximize their potential and expand their horizons.

Mayco International

Company culture

Over the years we have learned that by diversifying our products and technologies, we strengthen our place in the market.

We recognize the same is true within our teams. By encouraging a diverse community at every level of the company, we create strong teams with deep pools of knowledge and experience from which to draw.

From automotive design to delivery, we recognize the value of every person in the process needed to supply anyone with plastic components. As a world-class manufacturer, the company values input from employees at all levels. Our art-to-part capability has grown from this culture.

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Mayco International is dedicated to hard work, creativity, and independent thinking.

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Open door policy

The Company invites open communication between employees and management. We realize that our employees will want the opportunity to discuss procedures or policies that affect them. We strongly encourage all of our team members to maintain open communication with their supervisor or manager in every circumstance.

Check out our company values to learn more about what makes Mayco International a solid company for automotive design jobs for an automotive design engineer

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