Apr 13/22

Will Higher Gas Prices Influence Vehicle Design?

higher gas prices


According to AAA, the price of gasoline in the United States is over $4.15 per gallon as of April 2022. With these prices steadily rising, how will gas prices influence vehicle design?

Higher gas prices aren’t the only thing impacting the way the auto industry operates, but they do play a major role.

Read on to learn more about gas prices and how they can influence the future of vehicle design.

The Automotive Industry Is Using Lighter Parts

As the world faces higher gas and oil prices, automakers are opting to use more lightweight parts. Heavy solid steel and iron are making way for alloys and carbon fiber. New economy cars also have much lighter, smaller engines than the massive, heavy engines of the past.

When a car weighs less, it typically gets better gas mileage. It’s also much lighter to ship and transport to dealerships. The reduction in weight translates to savings for the vehicle industry.

The lighter a car weighs, the less it costs the manufacturer to make and to move. The vehicles are also faster to make in general. Aside from using lighter auto parts, newer cars are also much more compact than their older counterparts.

A lightweight car will speed up much faster than a heavier one. This results in much better fuel economy for drivers.

Higher Gas Prices Equal New Innovations

As concerns about global warming increase, auto manufacturers look to develop new technology. New models of electric cars are becoming the standard for a range of automotive brands.

Electric vehicles are a popular option for car owners, too. Since they need little to no fuel to operate, it’s a money-saving choice for people concerned about higher gas prices.

When the demand for these vehicles increase, automobile manufacturers must adapt. New developments in both electric and economy cars create new competition among the big players.

A Change in Suppliers

There’s no debate that higher gas prices impact consumers. But these prices also have massive implications for the automotive industry as a whole.

Finding a reliable parts manufacturer and supplier is key to saving money and time. More automobile makers are looking to utilize tier-one suppliers.

With a tier-one supplier, automotive brands get direct access to the specific parts they need. This cuts out the middleman, saving companies valuable time and money.

Partnering with a direct supplier ensures consistency of production and quality. The more efficient the manufacturing process is, the more money automakers can save. These savings are passed onto the consumer, too.

Higher Prices, New Adaptations

As higher gas prices impact consumers and automakers, the automotive industry must adapt. Whether it’s making electric cars and using lighter parts or changing suppliers, each step plays a role in adjusting to a more expensive world.

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