Jun 06/22

Why Car Companies Should Use Green Materials


Let’s face it: The automotive industry is not known for focusing on sustainable manufacturing. For instance, one report from 2018 found that the 86 million cars sold that year accounted for a staggering 9% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The good news is that more car companies are seeing the value of green automotive manufacturing. Ford, for example, is using coffee waste to produce headlight housing. They’re also recycling nylon nets from the ocean and turning them into wiring harness clips.

What about your company? Are you ready to get on board with this automotive trend? Here are three compelling reasons to start using green materials in 2022.

Reduced Manufacturing Costs

“Eco-friendly” isn’t always synonymous with “expensive.” In fact, using green materials can help you save on your manufacturing and operating costs.

Think about the rise of self-driving cars, the use of data from IoT connections, and the paradigm shift toward electric vehicles. All of these trends have completely altered the way cars are produced. Some jobs have become redundant. Meanwhile, the traditional assembly line production process is almost obsolete.

The latest manufacturing trends see a vehicle staying in one place while specialized teams work on it at different stages of the process. This reduces the amount of energy, space, and personnel required for manufacturing — which equals savings for you.

Improved Brand Image

A recent study found that 86% of consumers expect companies to act on environmental issues.

It’s not just customers, either. Investor and employee expectations are changing as the world trends towards a greener future. Long-time employees with more traditional mindsets are retiring. Behind them is a tech-savvy generation who’s passionate about sustainable change.

You can leverage all of these trends to your advantage.

Don’t just make the switch to green materials — tell the world about it. The “greener” your brand appears in the public eye, the more support you’ll gain. In fact, over 33% of global consumers will gladly pay more for products from companies that promote sustainability.

Fewer Legal Hassles

Government agencies are playing a major role in the movement toward sustainable practices. Recent directives including the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal are forcing companies to find more sustainable solutions.

The EU, for example, has proposed a 100% cut in carbon dioxide emissions by 2035. This will make it impossible to sell vehicles that run on traditional fossil fuels.

Meanwhile, in the US, over 600 local governments have adopted their own climate action plans. Most of these include greenhouse gas reduction targets. This is in line with the electric vehicle market, which is growing 25 times faster than the overall car market.

No matter where you’re located, legislation will have (or is already having) an impact on vehicle manufacturing. Therefore, you can stay ahead of the curve by shifting your focus to zero-emission vehicles right now.

Choose Green Materials for Your Car Company

If you want to reduce costs, improve your brand image, and avoid legal headaches, green materials are the way to go. This is one automotive trend that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

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