Dec 03/21

What Is Predictive Technology and How It’s Changing the Automotive Industry

predictive technology


Since 20% of American sales take place within the automotive industry, it’s a market filled with innovation and upgrades. Predictive technology has been one of the most recent game-changing advancements in the cars that retailers sell across the nation.

But what exactly is predictive vehicle technology? How is it changing the ways that we think about, build, and sell automobiles? Read on to answer these questions and to learn why this advancement is so important for suppliers.

What Is Predictive Technology?

Predictive vehicle technology is a set of automotive advancements that let the car predict driver activity. It consists of AI technologies that collect data on common driver behaviors to forecast future activity. This lets the car understand how fast the driver will swerve in hazardous situations, how the driver fares in poor weather, and how to navigate routes the driver regularly takes.

There are also predictive technologies that monitor the driver’s behavior in real-time. Some companies like Nissan allow drivers to attach an electrode-laden cap to their heads to monitor their brain waves. The car can then perform activities to better the driver’s reaction time.

For example, if the person thinks of swerving, the car will automatically do so in a shorter timeframe than the movement would take place. The idea is that automobiles would be able to react more quickly to road conditions and reduce the risk of accidents.

The Market for Predictive Vehicle Technology

The market for predictive technologies is on the rise. Currently, it is already worth more than the $20.8 billion that it was in 2019. However, by 2027, this figure is expected to reach around $90.2 billion.

This is an annual growth rate of over 20%. Clearly, these auto parts and enhancements are already making quite an impact on buyers and sellers alike. As an automotive supplier, it’s critical that you consider investing in these technologies to remain competitive.

How Are These Automotive Advancements Impacting the Industry?

But how exactly are predictive technologies improving the experience of buyers? Why is it that suppliers invest to secure their future success?

Designing and manufacturing predictive parts makes the auto industry more innovative. It gives those within it the chance to optimize the vehicles that they sell. This means that the growing market will always improve and move forwards.

Predictive technologies also make roads safer. Because drivers have consistent movements and repetitive patterns, it will allow them to drive more naturally with improved reaction times. People will no longer be crashing because they moved too slowly.

Drivers are also more comfortable when they have predictive systems as a failsafe. While alert and aware driving are still essential, people with less anxiety while on the road will become overall better-focused drivers.

Obtain High-Quality Auto Parts Today

Now you know what predictive technology is and how it’s set to change the auto industry. That means it’s time to begin incorporating these systems and their associated parts into new automobiles.

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