Aug 28/21

Volkswagen Vibes: Is Volkswagen a Luxury Car?


In 2020, the luxury car market was worth over $400 billion. And analysts project that it will grow 5% annually to a total of $566 billion by 2026.

Volkswagens are high-quality and well-made vehicles, causing many people to wonder: is Volkswagen luxury?

Volkswagens aren’t typically considered luxury vehicles. But the Volkswagen Group does make luxury car brands.

The better question is: why do so many people think this car brand is luxury? We’re analyzing this question below, so keep reading for everything you need to know.

The History

Volkswagen is a German automotive brand. This car brand was founded in 1937 by the Nazi Party and Hitler. Hitler intended the vehicle to be affordable yet fast, calling it “the people’s car.”

The Volkswagen brand has since separated itself from its controversial roots. The first US Volkswagen dealer opened doors in the late 1950s. But the brand didn’t gain traction with consumers until a few years later, in 1960.

Today, Volkswagen is perhaps best known for its Volkswagen Beetle model. It has rebranded as “VW” and become one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world.

What Makes a Luxury Vehicle?

Volkswagen isn’t traditionally considered a luxury vehicle. But why? What exactly makes a luxury car luxury?

“Luxury” isn’t an industry-regulated term. That means there’s no exact definition for what customers and manufacturers consider luxury.

Luxury vehicles also have cutting-edge safety features and higher performance capabilities. They feature upgraded interiors and the latest automotive tech, including:

  • Heated and cooled seating
  • Heated steering wheels
  • Advanced entertainment systems
  • Touch screen navigation

Not all Volkswagon vehicles come with these features. And that’s why VW isn’t a luxury brand, per se. However, there’s good reason to think that this is a luxury brand, especially when customers buy vehicles with upper trim levels.

Why Do People Think Volkswagen Is Luxury?

The latest VW models to hit roads come with some pretty luxurious features. So luxe, in fact, you might just mistake these affordable cars for premium, high-end vehicles.

For example, consider the Volkswagen Atlas SEL Premium. This sporty SUV comes with a leather interior, heated and cooled seats, and park-assist technology.

The 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL is another SUV with impressive features. It offers exclusive 4MOTION technology and a Digital Cockpit. The car’s heated steering wheel and all-wheel-drive system make this VW even more luxe.

Group’s Luxury Brands

The Volkswagon Group’s VW-branded vehicles may not be considered luxury cars. But the conglomerate does own top-shelf car brands like:

  • Porsche
  • Audi
  • Bentley
  • Lamborghini
  • Bugatti

These vehicles can cost customers a pretty penny. That’s why so many people prefer Volkswagens with high trim levels. These cars may not be luxury, but they sure do feel like it.

Mayco International: A Luxury Auto Part Manufacturer

Volkswagen is a German producer of premium but not luxury cars. Its parent company, Volkswagen Group, does own a long list of luxury vehicle and supercar brands, including Bugatti and Lamborghini.

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