Apr 22/22

Top Trends in Modern Vehicle Design

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In the early 1900s, the Model T took the world by storm as the first automobile that was affordable for the masses. It was a luxury to own a car and you got the features you got without many extras.

Cars have come a long way in the hundred years or so since the Model T. While cars might still be mass-produced, the vehicle design is highly specialized to attract consumers.

Not only do consumers care about overall efficiency, but they also want specialized interior decor, unique body shape, and implemented technology as part of the package.

What trending characteristics are hot in auto design right now? Read on to learn more about what car makers are using to captivate their customers.

Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking is a relatively new technology not commonly on the marketplace yet in cars. But it’s likely coming.

This technology takes the kinetic energy used when a vehicle makes a powerful stop and captures and stores it.

The kinetic energy once stored can be used again later in electric cars. As more electric cars hit the market, watch for regenerative braking to come with them.

Electric Vehicles

Along with the regenerative brakes, electric cars are going to continue to grow in popularity and use. Currently, they make up only about 3% of worldwide car sales.

But by the year, 2040, less than 20 years away, it’s expected that electric car sales will make up 58% of car sales.

The simple reality is that as the world pays closer attention to the demand for fossil fuels and their impact on the earth, more and more people will look to electric vehicles.

Driverless Technology

Is it hard for you to imagine getting in a car and not having control of the steering wheel while the car is moving? How about getting in a car that doesn’t even have a steering wheel?

The technology continues to advance for driverless vehicles, also known as autonomous vehicles.

The autonomous vehicles of the future will use a combination of matching learning systems, radar sensors, and complex algorithms to drive the vehicle without the involvement of a human.


We live in a technology-driven world and will continue to rely on technology more and more. Now, it’s not just computer or handheld devices, cell phones drive the technology market.

Automobile manufacturers are working hard to make sure cars of the future offer every possible connection to the technology possible.

Consumers want to remain plugged in while in their cars and are unwilling to not have access to the internet in the car. Cars will become wifi hotspots so devices never lose their connectivity.

Check Out These New and Interesting Trends in Vehicle Design

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