Feb 25/22

Top 3 Automotive Industry Trends at Mayco International

automotive industry trends


There are nearly one million vehicles produced every month and more needed all the time. It is no wonder that production companies are trying to edge out their competitors with the use of the latest automotive industry trends.

Do you know what these are and how to ensure that your company comes out on top?

The following are only three of the ways that Mayco is leading the industry in being at the top of its game when it comes to such trends.

Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

One of the biggest technology trends in the automotive industry in recent years has been green manufacturing. Companies are aiming to have policies that encourage carbon neutrality while maintaining quality.

Mayco is a leader in the US automotive industry in that we prominently display our green aims. The aim of this is to keep us true and show a commitment that our clients can trust.

Mayco’s policies focus on the idea of reducing, reusing, and recycling. These tenets help us remain green while also reducing costs that are inherent in wastage. We are also focused on introspection and auditing our processes moving forward, helping us see where our blind spots are.

Going Electric

As much as some gas-lovers might hate it, the electric car is here to stay. Internal combustion will at some point phase out and remain only in the garages of the most hardcore fans. Part of this is due to climate change, and the rest is because we are likely going to run out of accessible fuel within the next century.

Mayco intends to create, repair, and maintain electric components as the world continues to adopt this technology. We are happy to keep up with automotive industry market trends that make sense and are positive for everyone involved. In this way, we remain a market leader and a good example for the rest of the industry.

The Internet of Things

As technology becomes more complex, you can expect vehicles to make more use of their connected nature. The Internet of Things already includes vehicles, but legislation is only now catching up.

We are in a place where car computing is always improving, so Mayco maintains good relationships with chip manufacturers. This helps it to ensure it can continue to produce or maintain parts as the market evolves.

This is all part of our commitment to good supply chain management and making sure we have all the parts we need at all times.

Mayco and Automotive Industry Trends

As you can see, Mayco is a tier 1 automotive supplier and proves that by staying at the forefront of the latest automotive industry trends. Still, you might have other questions for us or want to talk to us about what we can provide for you in the industry.

To get in contact with our specialists, who would be happy to discuss your needs with you, you only need to pick up the phone. Give us a call today.