Aug 30/22

The Resurgence of Manufacturing Jobs in Michigan


Did you know that Michigan had over 450,000 employees in the automotive industry in 1970? Michigan has long been considered the automotive capital of the U.S. for good reason.

Iconic brands such as Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors have had a base in the state for more than half a century. Manufacturing jobs in Detroit became a popular occupation among the young and old.

There was a period of time in the mid-2000s when the dynamic changed significantly. Many jobs were cut, and in turn, people left.

Fortunately, Michigan is once again becoming a manufacturing hub for the country. With a resurgence of jobs, there is plenty of opportunities. Continue to read to learn more about Michigan manufacturing jobs.

Bringing Jobs Back on U.S. Soil is a Great Thing

In recent decades, manufacturing companies prioritized overseas manufacturing. There were many benefits to this strategy.

One key advantage was a major decrease in labor costs. Companies could hire more laborers and pay them considerably less than those based in the U.S.

Overseas manufacturing worked and worked well. It saved a lot of capital. Its biggest downside was a lack of influence on quality control.

Times have changed, however. Overseas manufacturing is not as appealing as it used to be. Shipment costs have increased and it has made the strategy far more expensive to maintain.

Companies are realizing that bringing jobs back to the U.S. may be more cost-friendly. The creation of American jobs also increases the health of the economy.

When more people are working, the more spending money they will have. In turn, an investment in the workforce is an investment in the future of the company itself.

The reshoring resurgence is changing the landscape of American business, and it’s a positive for all parties involved.

Discovering Talented and Skilled Employees is Essential

The recent resurgence of manufacturing jobs in Michigan makes sense. Michigan has a considerable history in the industry and has many different working production facilities.

The most important component to thrive in the industry is a talented and skilled workforce. As highlighted above, many of Michigan’s former top talent left the state during challenging times.

With more opportunities emerging, Michigan needs to encourage its youth to attend trade school and learn the art of manufacturing. The industry also has to encourage skilled laborers to make the move to Michigan.

What is key is that companies demonstrate the benefits and perks of working for them. The manufacturing industry needs to entice the workforce and excite them about the opportunities that lie ahead. This is the only way to keep the resurgence strong.

Explore Michigan Manufacturing Jobs Today

The good news is that there are plenty of Michigan manufacturing jobs available! If you have the talent and skills, you can have a wonderful career in the industry.

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