Sep 21/23

The Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on the Worldwide Automotive Industry

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If growth continues, it looks like around 60% of all new vehicles will be fully autonomous by 2045. This is a worldwide automotive trend that is impossible to ignore and one that all manufacturers have started to pivot to take into account. With this in mind, what are such companies doing to ensure they make the most of this technology and not ignore it?

Below, we run through several trends you are likely to see both this year and in the coming decade. As you read each one, think about how it has affected your processes when it comes to planning for and sourcing top-tier supplies.

An Autonomous Worldwide Automotive Trend

We are entering a new era of vehicles, with the agency of the driver reducing piece by piece. From the first development of cruise control to driver assistance, all the way to full automation, there are several levels. As technology progresses, we will see this more and more.

Many countries are also welcoming the development of this technology. New laws are emerging all the time to help research how it would work and learn its impact.

Moving From Assistance to Full Autonomy

One of the main drivers in the move to complete autonomy when driving is the technology available. Over the years, the evolution of vehicle sensors has meant more advancement as vehicles can map their surroundings better. It has also meant engaging with high-quality manufacturers to ensure parts exist that can house such devices.

Increased Vehicle Accessibility

Autonomy is also being studied by people who wish to make driving a more accessible activity. The elderly and disabled population often need help to get to and from locations where they can have jobs or perform daily tasks. For these people, self-driving vehicles would open up a whole new world of agency and freedom.

Increased Safety Due to Accident Detection

One of the biggest blockages in the introduction of self-driving vehicles is both the need for safety as well as its public perception. If automated vehicles cause an accident, people see them as more dangerous than the same likelihood of an accident with a human driver.

This is becoming less likely over time, due to improved algorithms and technological advancement. However, it will be hard to convince many people that modern vehicles are safer when automated without a large marketing push.

New Businesses Leveraging Autonomous Vehicles

Another way autonomous vehicles are expanding is in the area of delivery services and public transport. Companies want to reduce the worker overhead in these roles, and as such many companies are investing heavily in automation. Expect this to help the technology continue to boom.

Ensuring High-Quality AVs

Understanding the above, it is easy to see how the worldwide automotive industry is changing. You need to change with it, so ensure you have a parts manufacturer who understands this shift in the world of vehicle construction.

At Mayco International, we work hard to stay up-to-date with news related to all new vehicle developments. This means we are ready to make changes to match your needs, no matter how or why the industry changes.

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