Jun 04/20

The Future of Automotive Marketing, Distribution, and Selling


The automotive industry is a significant player in the global and American economies. In fact, it was a major contributor towards lifting America out of its last financial crash.

But, despite that, this industry is long-known for its high costs and poor service, with an aggressive selling process that often leaves customers wanting. However, we’re pleased to report that things are evolving. We’ve observed a shift in automotive marketing, distribution, and selling trends that, over time, will work wonders for painting this niche in a pleasanter light.

With that in mind, continue reading to find out what these trends might look like…

An Increasingly Digitalized Customer Journey

The distribution model for the automotive industry has been one of the slowest to change – namely because so many parts and physical dealerships are involved. However, as we’ve already alluded to, this traditional channel often leaves customers unhappy.

Due to high customer acquisition costs, dealers often use aggressive sales tactics that can leave customers feeling mistreated. But, fast forward to today, and there’s a stronger push for internet-based services where consumers can research and acquire the info they need at their own leisure. Gone are the days where customers could only visit an in-person sales rep, they now have complete control over their research.

Omnichannel Selling Continues to be Popular

Most automotive manufacturers now adopt a combination of digital and physical channels for their sales and communication. In light of that, we predict more and more manufacturers will use an overarching structure to integrate these channels.

Distributors will focus on questions like the ones below as they set up their omnichannel sales strategies:

  • Which customer group should each channel target?
  • How can the experience be customized within each channel?
  • Which channels make sense for sales?
  • Which channels can improve communication?

You get the idea.

With a greater emphasis on customer experience, consumers are more likely to leave with a smile on their faces having interacted with an automotive brand. Rather than walking away feeling disgruntled and cheated!

Optimizing Channels and Touchpoints Will Define Automotive Marketing

By researching and understanding the role each sales channel plays in the customer journey, automotive marketers will unlock greater sales potential. This will involve identifying customers at individual touchpoints so that dealers can provide the best info, offers, and customer care.

Car dealers will also be in a better position to suggest suitable additional products and services at the right time. These include financing options, service contractors or accessories, etc. Of course, this lends itself to boosting revenues through up- and cross-selling like never before!

The Future of Automotive Marketing

In short, the future of automotive marketing and distribution is likely to continue down the road of omnichannel selling. So, optimizing each touchpoint throughout the sales journey will remain the primary focus for the majority of automotive manufacturers and distributors.

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