Jan 17/24

The Benefits of Prismatic Cell Batteries in Electric Vehicles

prismatic cell


Electric vehicles are becoming more popular every year, and there are now about 1.7 million EVs in operation in the USA.

With time, these cars are becoming more impressive and affordable due to advancements in EV technology. One of the elements that are quickly improving is electric car batteries, and there are now several types available. If you’re considering buying one, you might be wondering about the different options.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the benefits of a vehicle with a prismatic cell so you can get a better understanding. Keep reading for more.

Strong and Long Lasting

Durability is always a key factor with vehicle parts as drivers want something that won’t fall apart with regular use. Prismatic cells have a rigid structure that offers impressive strength and durability.

The outer casing ensures the internal components aren’t easily damaged. They can take a reasonable degree of impact and stress. This makes these EV cells perfect for everyday use on the road.

High Energy Density

One of the reasons that EVs have only recently gained popularity is that they previously had poor energy density. This means that the cells couldn’t hold a huge amount of charge for their size, making them quite impractical. Prismatic cells, however, can hold a lot of charge while remaining compact.

This means that an EV can go further on a single charge. EV charging isn’t available everywhere, so knowing you can go far between each charge is ideal. It also allows manufacturers to save space, which can help with other components and keep vehicles more compact.

Long Cycle Life

All cells have a limited number of charges and discharges they can go through before they become unusable. The higher this is, the better, and prismatic cells can handle a lot of cycles before losing efficiency.

Ultimately, this means that they last longer before they need to be replaced. When purchasing a new vehicle, the lifespan of parts is usually a key factor for any buyer. Knowing that prismatic cells last a long time can be a huge benefit, especially as EV cells are typically quite expensive.

Good Heat Management

This is a factor that a lot of people don’t think about, but it’s a key benefit. Whenever electronics and other vehicle components are involved, heat management is essential. It will help maintain safety and reduce wear and tear on parts.

Prismatic cells can dissipate heat through their casing. This allows vehicles to operate without generating too much heat from their cells. If you live somewhere warm, this can be a vital factor that will help your car operate more efficiently and last longer.

The Future of the Prismatic Cell

There are constantly new advancements in the electric vehicle space, and this won’t change any time soon. Prismatic cells are durable, long-lasting, efficient, anwell manage heatnt. With time, they’ll likely continue to improve and become more common in EVs.

If you’re designing or manufacturing a new EV, you should consider the prismatic cell to power it. Mayco International is a global Tier 1 automotive supplier, so we can provide cells and other components to meet your needs.

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