May 23/22

Sustainable Cars: Spotlighting Green Materials and Practices

What if cars stopped being part of the problem and started being part of the solution?

For years, cars have been one of the main culprits when it comes to consumers’ carbon footprint. And one of the reasons that electric cars have become so popular is that drivers want to live more sustainably.

But not all electric cars are sustainable cars. Fortunately, the automotive industry is making major moves to create the most sustainable car. Keep reading to discover what those moves are.

Lighter-Weight Cars

One of the most reliable ways to create a more sustainable car is to create a lighter-weight car. By constructing lighter vehicles, companies can create cars that are much more fuel-efficient and much more sustainable.

Small weight changes can lead to big sustainability changes. For example, merely reducing a car’s weight by 10% can improve its fuel economy between 6% to 8%.

To achieve this lighter weight, manufacturers are using lighter-weight materials within the cars. Using enough material such as carbon fiber, aluminum alloys, and polymer composites can cut a car’s weight in half!

More Renewable Materials

Plastic is a major part of car construction. Therefore, sustainable car companies have been focusing on using recycled plastic as part of their car design.

Companies like Ford see this as an opportunity to help with the problem of plastic pollution. Now, vehicles like the Ford Bronco Sport use nylon nets that once polluted the ocean to create their wiring harness clips.

Based on their initial success, Ford is exploring the use of recycled plastic to create transmission brackets, wire shields, and more. In this way, they are leading the fight to make the ocean cleaner and make the automotive industry more sustainable.

Car Parts Made From Surprising Materials

Using recycled plastic in cars is a simple enough concept. However, Ford is taking the next step: making car parts from many other surprising materials.

For example, Ford discovered they can use coffee waste to help create headlight housing. This idea came courtesy of Debbie Mielewski. She serves as the company’s Senior Technical Leader of Sustainable Materials.

Other companies can learn from Ford if they want to improve sustainability. Ford had the foresight to hire sustainability specialists, and they hired the kind of talent that understands how to think “outside the box” when creating new ideas.

Ultimately, this is a great example of how we can create a greener and more sustainable world: one car at a time.

Create More Sustainable Cars Today

Now you know the different ways companies like Ford are trying to create the most sustainable cars. But do you know who can help make your own manufacturing process greener and more sustainable?

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