Aug 19/22

Quality Control in the Automotive Industry

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In the first half of 2021, more than 18.5 million vehicles in the US were recalled due to defects in manufacturing. That’s more than twice as many recalls than new vehicles sold over the same period.

It’s more important than ever for automotive suppliers to focus on quality control. That’s where a solid supply chain comes into play.

When an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) obtains components from a reliable supplier, they are protecting the quality of the end product. Here’s more information about advancements in OEM automotive quality control.

Automotive Advancements In Quality Control

Quality control (QC) is essential in the automotive industry, where mistakes can cost lives. Automotive parts manufacturers are focused on producing at high volumes with a low failure rate. Vehicle manufacturers rely on their suppliers to provide them with high-quality components.

Advancements in QC include using digital technology to find and track defects in products. This solves problems before manufacture or delivery to the OEM.

Some manufacturers have tried to produce parts at a lower cost by cutting corners. The push to produce high volumes can allow a defect to occur in a large number of products in a short time. This can result in many recalls or substandard products.

The effect of these failures is costly. Substandard products affect a company’s reputation and can impact sales for years. Quality control reduces waste and maintains a high level of productivity.

Digital Technology Improves Quality

Art to Part is the process of taking a design from the initial concept through production. Using 3D technology, a design can move through engineering and testing to reach the prototype stage faster.

Mayco International uses this concept to test the product earlier. That gets it to the manufacturing stage with a higher level of quality. They’re focused on compliance and excellence in their operations, using industry best practices.

What Is a Tier-One Supplier?

Your automotive parts supplier affects the quality of your entire operations. It impacts your customer service. When you partner with a tier-one supplier, you want to choose a proven one in your industry.

Consistency and reliability are critical ingredients for success. It’s not enough to produce high-quality parts.

Mayco is a global tier-one supplier for automotive OEM companies. They have developed standards in their operating procedures and cell layouts to ensure consistent results. Their parts meet safety standards and required industry certifications.

Your supply chain is stronger when all the company links are reliable. A strong tier-one supplier has established processes to manage companies from lower tiers. They have shown they can provide reliable parts on time.

OEM Automotive Parts

We are a tier-one supplier, providing high-quality OEM automotive components to manufacturers around the globe. We will take your idea and create a product to put in your customer’s hands.

Contact Mayco International for an automotive OEM partnership that will serve you. Quality is our commitment to our customers.