May 08/20

New Car Technology You Should Add to Your Vehicles

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Usually, the best driving experience has complex electronics and features. After all, many new technologies can be gimmicky and unnecessary.

However, there’s also new car technology that wows enthusiasts. But which features are worth it?

We’re here to highlight some amazing automotive tech that’s both useful and impressive. Keep reading for the next best technology!

Advanced Heated Seats

Sure, heated seats are car features that have been around for a while now. But that doesn’t make them any less impressive.

Amid winter, the warm embrace of a heated seat feels like heaven after stepping into a vehicle from a chilly environment. Today, heated seats have advanced and you can now purchase heated seats with a massage function for an extra dose of luxury. What better way to relax after a busy day in the office than with a hot, mini massage in your car?

The 1972 Saab is often credited with designed the first heated car seats, but Cadillac originally made the technology available on the Fleetwood luxury car in 1966. However, as imagined, this feature was rare, while heated seats are more popular nowadays.

Whichever brand is responsible – thank you.

High-Tech Navigation

In-car navigation has sure improved. When GPS devices were first used in the 1990s, they were embarrassingly slow and inaccurate. It often took several seconds for a response to basic commands like zoom in or zoom out – not ideal.

While modern navigation isn’t yet perfect, it’s vastly improved. Today’s technology can search for local areas of interest, download information relating to traffic can automatically detour if there’s been an accident, and so much more.

Today’s high-tech navigation will certainly get you out of asking for directions for sure.

For all that time saved from getting lost or delayed – we’re grateful.

Ambient Interior Lighting

Another car technology feature that we love is ambient interior lighting. While it isn’t massively high-tech, it’s a lot of fun.

Traditionally found in high-end luxury vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, ambient interior lighting will be tweaked to various hues and levels of brightness. Therefore, making drivers and passengers feel they’re in the middle of a lavish club rather than a car. Why not channel Star Trek by transforming the cabin into a ‘red alert’ mode?

Nowadays, interior lighting features are making their way downmarket as non-luxury car manufacturers are recognizing the popularity of this function.

For example, the 2015 Kia Soul provides mood lighting in five shades and the brightness can be adjusted depending on the intensity of the music played.

New Car Technology to Invest In

While there’s plenty of innovative new car technology on the market, not all of it adds value to vehicles. These three functions are all useful, making cars featuring these technologies more attractive to buyers.

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