Oct 18/19

Mayco International Welcomes Students For Manufacturing Day 2019

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Manufacturing Day 2019

On Friday, October 4th, our team participated in the annual “Manufacturing Day”. Mayco Sterling Heights welcomed 120 students from Stevenson, Eisenhower, and Utica High Schools. A national program that looks to connect young people with opportunities in the manufacturing industry. Macomb County has one of the largest concentrations of participating companies in the U.S. For many of the teens that toured, this was their first experience inside a factory. They were nothing short of impressed! During the 90 minutes of their tour, students got a close-up look at many of the manufacturing areas that Mayco offers. 

In The Plant

Our engineer in the prototype lab wowed everyone with the 3D printer. Probably not the best question of the day, but certainly the funniest was, “Okay, but how much money do you make”? You have to love the ability of teens to boil things down to what is important to them right now. Our shift supervisors did a great job not only explaining the IP line. Along with sharing the stories of employees who have started at Mayco in one job and moved up into other positions. An automation engineer highlighted the robot integration of the door assembly and how important technology is to our industry.

The next stop was the validation lab where a quality engineer demonstrated the various equipment used for testing products and materials, explaining why it is so important for both us and our customer. Finally, the students were able to see and feel the raw materials before fed into the hopper and put through the injection molding machine.

Experience Of a Lifetime

Mayco received great feedback from our guests, who were reluctant to leave after such a short time. The students saw firsthand the huge variety of jobs that are required in manufacturing. And how all the different teams work together to make it happen. Thanks to everyone in the building, our team had a great show to present. Therefore, an even better story of what it is to be a part of the Mayco family. So, the countdown to #MFGDay20 has already begun.