Nov 23/21

Light Weight Materials in the Automotive Industry: What to Know


Currently worth around $71.7 billion, the automotive industry’s market for light weight materials is on the rise. By 2030, experts estimate that it will be worth around 126.8 billion!

If you’re looking to optimize the vehicles that you make with lightweight parts, you likely have some questions. How can these materials benefit your designs? Where can you get them?

Read on to answer these questions and to learn what the future has to hold for lightweight advancements.

What Classifies as Light Weight Materials?

Lightweight parts are a fairly new car technology. They’re often made from different materials that are both lighter and more efficient.

For example, a lightweight car frame might replace cast iron and steel aspects with magnesium alloys or aluminum. Plexiglass windshields might be replaced with lightweight fiberglass. The idea is that traditional materials are swapped out for less-common, highly-efficient ones.

The end result is that the car is lighter and more comfortable. Since lightweight materials also tend to be just as durable (if not more so) than traditional components, any car is sure to last for many years.

What Are the Benefits of This Automotive Technology?

First, lighter cars take less fuel to propel them forward, saving drivers from needing to fill their gas tanks constantly. In fact, a simple 10% reduction in vehicle weight can make it 6-8% more efficient. This means that buyers save a lot of gas money and time at the pump.

Lightweight parts also are more eco-friendly than their heavier counterparts. This is in part because they use less gas but also is because of their materials. Light parts use less plastic and metal because they don’t have the same amount of bulk as other parts.

Where Can You Find an Automotive Light Weight Supplier?

Lightweight car parts are easier to access than ever before. Because of the expanding market, some cars are beginning to be initially manufactured with lighter materials. Whether you are an auto manufacturer or someone who performs aftermarket optimizations and repairs, it’s important that you know where to access them.

Tier-one auto supplier Mayco offers custom lightweight aftermarket parts to fit any vehicle. You can get these parts engineered, manufactured, and assembled to fit your individual needs. Lightweight aftermarket parts can save you money and increase the durability and longevity of any vehicle.

Upgrade Your Ride Today

There are many amazing advancements in the automotive industry, but lightweight car parts are one of the best. They’re growing in popularity and can optimize other cars with the best enhancements. Whether a vehicle has autonomous car technology or simple motion sensors, a lightweight upgrade can optimize the driver’s experience.

As challenging as installing light weight materials can be, it actually is a simple task. Contact Mayco and ask our experts how you can begin commissioning, installing, and using these parts ASAP.