Aug 21/20

Jahed Ahmed Brings ESL Education to Thousands of Students in Bangladesh and United States

I feel great when I see that HEXA’S is the best ESL school in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Every year thousands of students are learning the English language from HEXA’S.

Jahed Ahmed has been a part of the Mayco family since 2016. From the start, Jahed has been driven. Over the years, Jahed has worked his way up to Quality Teach, a highly respected and rightfully earned position here at Mayco International. While his accomplishments at work are impressive, his accomplishments outside of work are even greater. We are pleased to have interviewed Jahed about the ESL classes he founded in both Bangladesh and the United States. 

Tell us about your background! What inspired you to start teaching English?

I was born and brought up in Sylhet, Bangladesh, and had been living there for 30 years before I moved to the US in 2015. Bangladesh is a developing country where English is used as a second language. 

It is true that while education in Bangladesh is in the Bangla medium, students are required to read English for about 12 years although it is a foreign language. It is a compulsory subject at the school and college levels. Even the applicants for the Civil Service Examinations are tested for their English knowledge. But the level of competency in all spheres is debatable. 

To achieve proficiency, one must have familiarity with all four processes—reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Regrettably, the education system where English is concerned stresses reading and writing. When the youngsters start applying for jobs, the lack of English skills causes disappointments. So, the importance of learning the English language in Bangladesh is undeniable. 

What did your own journey of learning English look like?

It was 2007 and I was a 2nd-year bachelor’s student in English Language and Literature at the National University, Bangladesh. At that time, I could read and write in English but I was unable to speak in English even though I was a student of English Language and my listening skill was also extremely poor. It was because of a lack of English language speaking opportunities. 

I motivated some of my friends who were interested to speak in English. We used to gather at our university campus on the weekends and practice speaking in English for two hours. We named the activity Speakers’ Club.  Then I thought that we should give our Speakers’ Club a physical shape where we could continue our practice and even help other people who would like to improve their speaking and listening skills of the English language.

When did your first school open in Bangladesh? 

My five friends supported my plan and eventually, we rented a space in January 2007 and started our journey as an ESL tutoring center. We named the center HEXA’S because we were six friends. That was the beginning of my ESL teaching journey. My dream was to improve my English language communication skills as well as helping others.

Between 2007 and 2020 we established twelve campuses of Hexa’s Education in twelve different cities of Bangladesh where we offer ESL for Adults, IELTS Test Prep, IELTS Life Skills Test Prep, English Grammar and Writing, and some computer courses including basic computing skills and Graphic design. We have a group of well-trained teachers who are teaching devotedly at all campuses.  

With the passage of time, I completed my bachelor’s and master’s degree in English language and literature and started working as a full-time ESL teacher. In 2013 I completed TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test), a professional certification from the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, UK. I also participated in various training sessions and seminars on English language teaching. 

What inspired you to bring HEXA’S to the United States?

In September 2015 I moved to the US as a permanent resident and in February 2019 I got my US Citizenship. I have been working at Mayco Groesbeck Facility since April 2016. While I was working at Mayco I was missing my career as a teacher, but I was learning completely new things of automotive manufacturing. At Mayco I started as a Machine Operator and also worked as a Packaging Person, Scanner Technician, and Quality Auditor. Since March 2018 I have been working as a Quality Technician. We have good managers at Mayco Groesbeck. Their awesome leadership and management strategies impress me a lot. I learn a lot from them! Mayco has such an awesome work environment where one has the opportunity to grow according to his/her skills and hard work.  

At Mayco I meet a lot of people who are awesome employees and hard workers but as for their communication skills in English, they are struggling. Once again I thought of creating a place where those people can learn and practice English. In January 2020, I started teaching English online and in February I started teaching ESL in the basement of my home in Warren to see whether anyone was interested or not. Fortunately, I got an incredibly good response – I had 30 students for the ESL course! Then in March, the pandemic began and we had to take a break. However, In July 2020, I took a bold step and started the ESL center at 28679 Ryan Road, Warren, MI 48092 where we will start our onsite classes in September 2020.  

Photo Credit: HEXA’S Sylhet Facebook 

What advice do you have for anyone that desires to follow their passion?

The journey was not always so smooth, but I am trying my best. I feel great when I see that HEXA’S is the best ESL school in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Every year thousands of students are learning the English language from HEXA’S.

I really love ESL tutoring services because learning the English language can unlock many opportunities for an individual. From my experience, I would like to say for the young generation that you should always stick to your plan or dream. Do not stop believing and trying. Success will come – whether today, tomorrow or a year later.