Aug 31/22

How the Auto Design Industry Is Changing and What It Means for the Future

Auto design


In recent years, car owners have noticed several new changes in the vehicles they buy. In addition to unlocking their doors with the press of a button, they can start the car remotely. Similarly, some vehicles now include features that measure a car’s carbon footprint.

Even ten years ago, these improvements and features were a scarcity. Now, even the most affordable new vehicles may include them. What caused this change?

The short answer is that the automotive industry has experienced several changes in auto design procedures. These changes allow car manufacturers to innovate at unprecedented rates.

We’ll explore some of the changes in the automotive industry that make this possible. Then, we’ll show what these changes mean for 2022 vehicles. Let’s get started right away!

Changing How Auto Design Works

The most significant change in automotive design is a transition from traditional manufacturing models to digital models. Since the days of Henry Ford, the traditional manufacturing model relied heavily on an assembly line.

Manufacturers traditionally sourced, assembled, and integrated several components and subsystems from multiple vendors. However, this approach made adding new features to automobile designs difficult.

This difficulty arose from manufacturers’ need to synchronize different efforts by several suppliers. It was a more disjointed process that was harder to streamline.

Now, this process has changed. The automotive design relies increasingly on software-driven manufacturing.

Because of these models, cars can now receive software updates to improve their functions. These updates can affect several things, including:

  • GPS technology
  • Bluetooth pairing
  • Eco-friendly technology
  • car temperature
  • infotainment
  • seating configurations

These changes will make vehicles more convenient and efficient, especially as the designs progress. However, these changes can also impact automotive development in 2022. We’ll discuss how this works in the next section.

The Latest Technology in 2022 Cars

Manufacturers have already included digital technology in recent car models. One example of this is forward collision warnings.

Collision Warnings and Related Tech

Many new vehicles include sensors that warn drivers if they’re too close to other objects. These objects could be other cars or barriers on the sides of the vehicle.

Another feature these vehicles include is a backup camera. This software helps larger vehicles ensure they don’t accidentally back into another object.

Finally, this technology sometimes includes lane-keep assisting software. These solutions use steering to keep your car from drifting out of your lane.

Connected Mobile Apps and Digital Keys

People often take their phones with them when they drive. They use these devices to take hands-free calls, navigate with a GPS, and supply the music.

New car models make this easier than ever. These vehicles have touch screens that connect to your phone and display your apps on a screen.

Likewise, you can download apps specific to your vehicle. These apps provide ways to activate your car, monitor your fuel tank, and more!

Find the Best Quality Control in Auto Design

As you can see, several changes will impact the auto design world in the coming years. Those changes have already affected 2022 vehicle designs.

It can be hard to maintain sufficient quality control in a changing industry. Fortunately, we make this task easier!

We offer several services related to auto design, including engineering, tooling, manufacturing, and more. These services can help you ensure your vehicles are of the best quality. Request a quote for our work today!