Oct 02/20

How Rapid Prototyping Is Changing the Automotive Industry

In any production line manufacturing business improving efficiency is a top priority. Using 3D design data and printing radio prototyping creates scale models.

Improving technology and production efficiency can be accomplished using rapid prototyping. This method allows automobile manufacturers to efficiently craft high-performance models.

So, let’s look at how innovative automotive solutions impact the manufacturing industry.

Rapid Prototyping in the Auto Industry

The desire to produce safe intelligent cars led to scene mapping. Automobile manufacturers wanted to review accident scenes to analyze impact data. The collision’s effect on the vehicle led to an increased impact on safety standards.

Scene mapping paved the way for rapid prototyping, which has been in existence for more than a decade. This technology impacts and replaces traditional modeling in the final stage of production. It then transfers into the manufacturing process.

3D Modeling has its greatest impact on the early stages of the design process. New ideas and innovations are quickly put into production through rapid prototyping services.

This quickens the process of developing defect-free and high-quality products. Rapid prototyping machines include desktop modelers, conceptual modelers, and 3D printers.

Automobile manufacturers need precision-crafted car pieces to meet industry safety standards. Car parts produced using rapid prototyping machines meet exact specifications with 0% error.

Every auto manufacturer can have a fast and efficient assembly line when using rapid prototyping. Flexibility in design is easy by being able to quickly change from one style of a part to another.

This can be accomplished without interrupting production or losing quality or consistency. Therefore, keeping everything on track for meeting delivery dates

Machinery using rapid prototyping can handle several different tasks. They can even have their role in production changed.

Rapid prototyping services are cost-efficient for automobile manufacturers. Their use of recyclable materials makes them eco-friendly.

Methods of Creating Automotive Prototypes

  • CNC Machining—an automatic milling device that fabricates parts quickly and accurately without human assistance
  • 3D Printing—uses a large 3D printer for creating prototype and model for use in product development, design assessment, and verification
  • CNC Automotive Prototype—milling out of an acrylic (PMMA) block a fully functional prototype for testing under user conditions
  • Soft Tooling—ideal for low volume production of fewer than 50 pieces using a silicone rubber cast around a rapid prototype machining plastic pattern or 3D printing master pattern that creates a repeatable mold
  • CNC Dashboard—large prototype model that is split and glued confirming how components fit together and confirm proper airflow from the dashboard

Rapid prototyping allows auto manufacturers to quickly evaluate new product behavior. Once testing is complete the prototype can transfer into production. Using a Tier One automotive supplier is crucial in making sure this process goes smoothly.

Bring Us to the Drawing Board

Mayco International brings your design ideas to life. Therefore, final production pieces are manufactured in the time and quantity needed. Above all, using rapid prototyping let’s us quickly provide you with a prototype for analysis and testing.

So, contact us with any questions you have on manufacturing and pricing.