Aug 17/23

How Modern Automotive Technology Is Driving Change

modern automotive technology

The vehicular software and electronics market looks set to expand at around 5x the rate of the general vehicle market. This indicates a drastic rethinking of how modern automotive technology will expand in the future.

Knowing electronics will be at the heart of the industry moving forward, what advances can you expect to see and what pivots should you look out for?

This article will point out five of the major areas where you can expect modern technology to make major shifts in the industry. With these in mind, you should have the ability to plan for anything the vehicle world throws at you in the next decade.

Autonomous Driving

Also known as self-driving vehicles, these cars have received a great deal of promotion from both their upsides and downsides. The intent of this software is to remove the need for human control of a vehicle and to create safer driving experiences for all people.

The recurrent issue at present is the technology’s safety and bad PR from collisions, and as such work continues on this area of development.

The Rise of AI-Driven Vehicle UX

The point of this car design advancement is to create a better interaction between drivers and their cars. While the automobile industry has taken a little longer than the software industry to pick up on the concept of UX, we now see it thriving. UX focuses on developing easy-to-use that offer a unique experience keyed to each person.

Over time, AI should adjust to and learn from driver preferences and behaviors, anticipating how it should act. This may be anything, such as route suggestions or offering specific climate control settings based on user patterns.

Smart Technology

This is a wide range of features that allow vehicles to interact with the user via the “Internet of Things”. While smart vehicles already exist, more advancements continue to occur, giving users more options. Many use smart technology to tune their vehicle experience, using any diagnostics and outputs to hone their habits.

3D Printing and Vehicle Manufacturing

Over the past several years, 3D printing has become a common sight in the automotive manufacturing space. Not only is it much faster at creating new parts, but it also has several other benefits related to boosting manufacturing potential. Examples include the:

  • Rapid prototyping of new automotive design ideas
  • Customization of auto bodies and engine parts
  • Use of much lighter materials than before
  • Reduction in energy consumption during production
  • Closer collaboration between specific clients and manufacturers

Leaders in Modern Automotive Technology

By understanding the above areas of modern automotive technology, you should know what to expect when it comes to future changes. Still, if you are in the industry, it would be good to have your finger on the pulse by linking with a competent manufacturer.

We are an automotive supplier at the forefront of technology in the Michigan area. By working with us, you can ensure you have everything you need, no matter how the industry pivots. So, contact us today to engage with us and work with us moving forward.