Dec 09/21

How Is Technology Improving Fuel Efficiency

fuel efficiency


What if everything you knew about fueling automobiles was out of date?

Chances are you have been driving for much of your life. Yet most drivers don’t pay attention to things like fuel efficiency until the prices at the pump start rising.

Fortunately, newer technology developments are making fuel more efficient than ever. What are those developments and what do they mean for the future of automobiles? Keep reading to discover the answer!

Fuel Efficiency: The Rise of Hybrid

One of the biggest impacts on fuel efficiency has come from the rise of hybrid vehicles. And a few years ago, this was a great compromise for drivers who were skeptical about electric vehicles.

A hybrid lets drivers have the best of both worlds: the benefit of an electric car when they want it and the reliability of a traditional car when they need it.

This technology has been years in the making. And now, the US government estimates hybrid vehicles may be up to 35% more fuel-efficient than their traditional counterparts.

The Future Is Electric

Hybrids are still popular among many drivers. But in recent years, the biggest news in fuel efficiency has been the rising popularity of electric cars.

After all, it doesn’t get more efficient than not needing fuel at all! And spokespeople like Elon Musk have turned electric cars into status symbols when they were simply curiosities a few years ago.

Additionally, many governments around the world are making pledges to reduce emissions by a certain date. This has caused many automotive companies to focus on electric like never before, with some companies gambling their entire future on this technology.

Self-Driving Cars

As awesome as hybrid and electric cars are, they are not very surprising when it comes to fuel efficient technology. After all, it makes sense that vehicles designed to use less (or no) gasoline are going to be more efficient than traditional vehicles.

But one fuel efficiency development that may come as a surprise is the advent of self-driving vehicles. While autonomous vehicles are not exactly mainstream, more of these vehicles and technologies are being deployed and tested every year.

Years from now, autonomous public transportation may help make entire cities and even countries more fuel-efficient. And autonomous vehicles tend to be more efficient in their design than traditional vehicles, increasing potential fuel efficiency.

Smartphone GPS

The last big technological impact on fuel has been around for a while. In fact, it’s probably in your pocket right now!

GPS apps have grown in popularity in recent years. While this functionality was once limited to expensive GPS devices, modern smartphone users can download and use a number of free and convenient GPS apps.

Drivers love these apps because they help save a lot of time. And because GPS helps take you directly to your destination along the shortest possible distances, this tech makes every drive more efficient than it would otherwise be.

Your Next Move

Now you know about how technology continues to improve fuel efficiency. But do you know who can tell you more about the future of automobiles?

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