Aug 10/23

How Driver Monitoring Systems Impact Driver Safety

With the EU pushing for driver monitoring systems (DMS) in 100% of new vehicles by 2026, it is no surprise you are likely to see them more in coming years. This technology is also becoming more common in the United States, too, as its accuracy improves. So, what does it do to improve driver safety and what features can you expect to face when you use it?

This article will explain how manufacturing vehicles with DMS will mean the roads are likely to be much safer in the future. By the end, you should have a better understanding of their position in the vehicle manufacturing industry moving forward.

DMS Alerts Mitigate Distracted Driving

As driving while distracted causes over eight percent of all car crash deaths. Therefore, many people are trying to solve this issue on the roads. DMS can help increase driver safety by constantly monitoring how attentive a driver is to the road around them. Also, watches the driver’s head and eyes ensuring they remain aware of the area, alerting them in real-time if they notice an issue.

Such alerts might be visual, with a flashing icon or warning message. Though, these may cause distractions of their own, and as such you often find the warnings come in the form of a noise or voice prompt. This reprimands the driver and reminds them to keep their attention on the road.

Monitoring Fatigue and Attentiveness

DMS technology in a vehicle can not only detect distracted driving but the same tools can also watch for signs of drowsiness. These are things like driver engagement, eyes closing, or several other visual clues. If it detects these, the system will alert the driver that they may be getting tired and that they should take a rest.

DMS and Usage-Based Insurance

Usage-based insurance is a system where a vehicle detects how risky a driver’s actions on the road are and bases its insurance premium on this. Their actions, from hard braking to cornering too hard, are some of the most common traits tracked. With safer drivers, it proves their roadworthiness and allow them to have a much cheaper time insuring their vehicle.

DMS technology can provide valuable insights, ensuring that they can judge a driver’s state at all times. This means they will receive fairer insurance pricing that aligns with their risk profile.

Driver Monitoring Systems and the Future

After reading the above, it is easy to understand the importance of driver safety and how driver monitoring systems can help. Therefore, why innovation in automotive technology is so important. In the same way, we are a major partner in the realm of automotive manufacturing. Always making sure our work epitomizes consumer safety.

We pride ourselves on creating vehicle parts to very high standards to ensure regulatory compliance. If you want to work with us, we would be happy to talk about what we can do for you. So, get in contact today to learn more about our processes.