Oct 01/21

How a Designer Creates a Custom Car Design

custom car design


Did you know that the earliest vehicle designs ran on electricity or steam?

It’s great to think about how technology has improved to the point where electric-powered cars are outperforming gas-powered ones. From the inside to the outside, there are many ways a vehicle can continue to evolve.

Are you wondering what the process is like? Keep reading to learn all about how a designer creates a custom car design.

1. Brainstorming and Sketching

When it comes to vehicle design, everything starts with an idea. Once a designer has at least one droplet of inspiration, they can start sketching out potential designs on paper.

Designers don’t always come up with their own ideas, though. For instance, a car body design could be spurred by an in-house suggestion, a freelance contribution, or somewhere else.

Out of hundreds and hundreds of designs, only one or two of those will actually end up existing on the road.

2. Making 3D Models

After edits have been made to the custom vehicle design based on practicalities, such as fitting the engine within the body, the next step is for three-dimensional modeling.

This often involves making both a clay model and a computer-generated 3D model. People are even starting to incorporate 3D printers into this stage of the design process.

After various tests and detailed consideration, the designer will work with a life-size version of the model. This larger version is sometimes made out of clay and other times polymer.

3. More Details

Once the basic automobile design has been decided on, the designer will have to spend a lot of time creating the interior of the car, as well as adding more external details.

At this stage of the process, there’s debate about the car’s accessories, trim, and even colors.

4. Testing Begins

Most car designers will tell you that a final design isn’t final until it’s tested in just about every way possible. From safety testing to exposure to the elements, if any part of the car can’t pull its weight, then redesigns are required.

After repeating these tests many times, the model can either receive approval or disapproval.

5. Production

The fun part is when the car is engineered and produced on a mass level. The production process can take a lot of planning in and of itself. This is because there are logistics behind creating each piece and fitting them together.

That’s why it’s so crucial to hire a company that knows what they’re doing and doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. It can take around half a decade for an idea to become a reality, but all the hard work definitely pays off.

Ready to Create a Custom Car Design?

Now that you’ve learned all about how a designer creates a custom car design, you can start making progress with your revolutionary ideas.

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