Sep 22/20

Meet Mayco International’s Industrial Designers

Step into the Design Studio

Mayco International is a full service supplier whose department capabilities span from design to distribution. Before any of our products see the assembly line, we have an insanely talented team of designers bringing our client’s concepts to life. From center consoles to entire interiors, meet the creative masterminds in Mayco’s very own design studio, interviewed by Exigent Creative Solutions.

the design team - Karl, Steve, Jim


After a couple of fluorescent-lit hallways and three flights of stairs, walking into the design studio feels like anything but a corporate office. High-color illustrations of sports cars decorate the walls and shelves along with their mini-replica counterparts. You could say that the studio screams “car lover’s dream room”, which isn’t a stretch for the designers spending their time here.

The “Art” in Art-to-Part

Steve Mitchell, Director of New Business Development, has been designing and engineering for over 20 years. Mitchell and his team work with the sales department to create digital sketches, product video and in-depth presentations. Their talents bring Mayco’s capabilities to life. The team, consisting of Graphic Designer Jim Brewer and Industrial Designer Karl Wood, work together seamlessly in this pre-production phase. This small group is exactly what drew Karl and Jim to Mayco in the first place. When comparing the studio to a larger agency like FCA, Wood says that, “This department, this position, offered me way more opportunity”.

In a nutshell – the team says it’s their job to make Mayco look good. A fair statement, but a modest one. Seen below is one of their advanced development concept projects, creating an in-mold coating piece. The goal, obviously achieved, was to make a natural fiber part look like the plastic you often see in car interiors. 

“This process allows us to integrate a film-like texture that is both mar and scratch resistant on our natural fiber parts. The benefit to this technique is that natural fiber parts (NFPP) are up to 50% lighter over plastic parts. The spray coating technology gives it a finish similar to current vehicle interiors with the same durability and legal requirements that automakers demand.” 

In-Mold Coating process and industrial design

From Cocktail Napkin to Cockpit 

Light-weight, environmentally friendly products are in high demand within the auto industry. EV startups and companies often come to Mayco looking to get their foot in the door. 

“What they might have is a theme for their interior…a skeleton…that’s where we come in. Our team helps fill in the blanks to help an EV customer execute their project. We’re making ideas, manufacturable” said Mitchell. 

Lightweight technology is expensive. Therefore, lower costs are also a top priority for clients. The design team is constantly evaluating advanced technology concepts – how the work can be done faster, simpler, and better. The team’s latest technology involves virtual reality. The introduction of VR will allow Mayco to experiment with new tools and processes before spending the cost of labor and manufacturing.

The design team at Mayco narrowed their many talents down to a couple goals:

three main goals of the design team

The design team is never really living in the present – all of their projects are plans for the future. Cars that consumers are seeing for the first time, the design team had been working on for years. Current projects in the studio are set to launch in 2022-2023.

“It’s always exciting to see designs go from a sketch on a cocktail napkin to a vehicle on the road.”

Pushing the Envelope of What’s Possible

The design team at Mayco is nothing short of visionary. It’s not just their goal to be one step ahead – it is their job. For instance, Brewer said he feels at home with Mayco because he can truly thrive with a “forward-thinking company”. Mayco has achieved numerous quality awards such as FCA’s 2019 Runner-Up for Interior Automotive Supplier of the Year, and Chrysler’s Gold Award for Superior Supplier Performance

Mayco International has a broad range of expertise. From automotive interior and exterior systems, to tooling and a full range of prototyping and validation services. Whether you have sophisticated design or just a sketch – Mayco’s team of engineers and designers can bring your piece to life. Contact at or Steve Mitchell at