Sep 10/20

Employee Spotlight: Teresa Thompson

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

This week our employee spotlight shines on our Quality Team. Today we have the honor of praising the work of Lead Quality Engineer Teresa Thompson otherwise known to many as “Taz”. Teresa has been with Mayco since 1988 and if you wanted to track her career path with Mayco don’t try to do it without a road map. “Taz”, who averages about 16,000 steps through her workday has had many different roles and responsibilities in her career with Mayco. She has supported many program launches, supported the opening of new facilities, and has always been a key member of supplier quality. Her most recent contribution to Mayco is helping to drive a successful launch to the WL program for Sterling Heights and Warren.

Dedicated Employee

Because Teresa can’t say no to anything and has no idea what a boundary or barrier is, she has a wealth of knowledge in many aspects of manufacturing including Quality Systems, Manufacturing Processes, Manufacturing Engineering, and building rapport with Suppliers and Customer. She takes full responsibility in every task she takes on and sees every project through to its entirety. It’s characteristics like these that have continued to allow Mayco to grow into the company it is. If you have the chance to see Teresa out on the plant, make sure to say hello and ask her if she has another road carved out on her map.