Feb 19/21

Electric Vehicle Supplier

electric vehicle supplier


The world needs an automotive revolution. But what if that revolution has stalled out?

Everything from rising gas prices to environmentally-conscious consumers means that an Electric Vehicle revolution is on the horizon. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles in our way.

The good news is that a reliable Electric Vehicle supplier can take us to that horizon and beyond. Keep reading to learn more about the EV revolution and how to make it happen!

Electric Vehicles On the Rise

You don’t have to be an industry expert to see that Electric Vehicles are on the rise. In fact, all you have to do is look out the window!

Once upon a time, Tesla was considered the only “big” name in Electric Vehicles. This gave them some convenient market domination, but it also helped make Electric Vehicles into something of a luxury and rarity to the average consumer.

Now, General Motors is doing a full-court press to enter the Electric Vehicle business. And they are making a splash by announcing their Ultlum Drive System which will make it easier to create EV powertrains and create an “all-electric future” for the company.

This may be good news to consumers. But it is part of an uncomfortable shift to the entire automotive supply chain!

The Changing Automobile Industry

To those same consumers, an automobile industry moving more towards EV is a simple enough matter. But the truth is that manufacturers and suppliers are largely not ready for this shift.

First of all, there are some traditional car parts and components that Electric Vehicles do not need. This includes fuel systems, exhaust systems, and transmissions. Those who focus on such parts and components will face severe disruption once Electric Vehicles are part of the mainstream.

Another major issue concerns the batteries that power these Electric Vehicles. Frankly, automotive suppliers have made promises to consumers that simply cannot be met due to the lack of battery supply.

And while those supply issues won’t be a long-term issue, the nasty legal dispute between LG Chem and the South Korean producer SK Innovation Co. over alleged trade secret violations may be a bigger issue. This is already disrupting the supply chain, and delays related to this dispute mean that we don’t know exactly when they will get things sorted out.

The Role of the Electric Vehicle Supplier

It’s not all bad news, though. The truth is that finding the right electric vehicle supplier can help your business reach to the future.

And the best suppliers are “switch hitters” that can bridge the gap between the good old days of automobiles and the future of the industry. For instance, you need a supplier who is just as good at things like engineering, tooling, and manufacturing as it is with the logistics and supply chain.

Sounds hard to find, right? Not really. The best supplier is just a click away!

The Future Is Now

Here at Mayco International, we specialize in things like interior supplies, Electric Vehicle parts, and all of the “art to part” services your company will need.

Make no mistake: the future is now. To see how we can help your business embrace the future of the automotive industry, contact us today!