Sep 24/21

Dream Team: Metro-Detroit Manufacturers Mayco International and Xenith Give Football Players Peace of Mind


In 2006, a former Harvard quarterback and Columbia University MD decided that there must be a better way to make a football helmet, a way that would give greater protection to athletes at all levels of competition. After three years of research and development, Xenith launched its first helmets onto the field. Today, hundreds of thousands of players all over the world are receiving greater protection in their Xenith helmets. Now that is peace of mind! 

Xenith is headquartered in Detroit, MI, and that makes us neighbors! They have an impressive 66,000 square-foot facility that houses an impact testing lab, custom paint booth, reconditioning operation, and warehousing. 

Xenith Partners With Mayco International

You may be wondering – how does Mayco, an automotive part supplier, come into a story about football helmets? Mayco is an award-winning manufacturing team. Our capabilities span more than just the automotive industry, and our reputation for superior quality and advanced manufacturing is hall-of-fame-worthy. When Xenith found itself in need of a new injection molding supplier, this dream team became a reality.

The Mayco team jumped on board with the collaboration. There are a few reasons that  Mayco was really a perfect fit. 

  • Mayco International is a team of award-winning injection molding specialists! We have all the engineering and injection molding capabilities needed for this project and more. 
  • Branding and team recognition are of utmost importance in the sports world. The look of the helmets must remain consistent from year to year. Perfect color matching is required. We are used to holding these extremely tight tolerances in the automotive industry. 
  • Safety is everything, and we take that very seriously. A football player expects protection from their helmet. We understand the importance of precision manufacturing to ensure safety; we manufacture and install vital safety equipment, such as airbags in instrument panel assemblies. 

A Dream Team 

Xenith helps athletes “Live Their Game” by removing the physical and physiological barriers for athletes to reach their highest potential. With our precision manufacturing, Mayco International is excited and honored to help Xenith, and all their customers, live their game by bringing our best game every day.

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