Feb 26/21

Double-Shot Injection Molding: Explained in Plain English

Double-shot injection molding

Double-shot injection molding is a process that enhances the value, durability, and longevity of every vehicle. Read on to learn what this process entails, what advantages it brings, and what its applications are in the auto industry.

What Is Double-Shot Injection Molding?

Double-shot molding is a plastic molding process used in the automotive industry.

There are two phases to double-shot molding. Similar to traditional injection molding, resin injects into the mold and left to cool into a solid part. Then, traditional injection molding would end and a newly-molded part transfers to the second mold.

There, another resin shot processes around certain parts of the originally-molded part. The resins cooperate forming the molecular bond and the part molded with multiple different resins. After, then cooled and removed from the mold.

Advantages of Double-Shot Molding

The biggest benefit of double-shot molding is that it improves the quality of the item being made. Carried out with one tool and therefore allowing lower tolerance than other attempts molding plastics. Double-shot molding creates stronger bonds between components of the item being made. As well as, parts constructed with these strategies tend to last longer.

It’s also easy to create complex moldings because the amount of labor that it takes to mold is drastically lower than molding methods requiring multiple tools. You can create complex mold designs that utilize multiple materials. Since two-shot molding is easily repeatable, the process is much easier and more efficient.

Applications in Automotive Manufacturing Services

Many car parts fall into the following categories:

  • Made with multiple materials (two kinds of plastic, plastic and rubber, or two different colors)
  • Made with many different movable segments and components
  • Hard and durable surfaces that have soft grips
  • Parts that work rigorously at high temperatures

These applications are all used for double-shot molding. Therefore, it is an important process in both manufacturing cars in the factory and creating aftermarket parts to have installed in your vehicle when it is serviced.

Learn More About Auto Manufacturing

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