Jan 28/20

Cost-effective Plastic Compression Molding: In Automotive Manufacturing

Overall, composites have steadily become a more integral part of the automotive industry. Composite parts are likely to be more prevalent this year than any of those previous. Plastic compression molding machines are a significant component of car parts production.

Why Composites?

Fuel efficiency is an ongoing pursuit among car manufacturers. Composites are lightweight and well-suited to maximize overall performance and efficiency. Therefore, the automobile industry relies on compression molding to consistently turn out composite parts.

Plastic Compression Molding Process

The process starts with adding a percentage of resin-impregnated composites to a specially-shaped mold in a plastic compression molding machine. Once the mold closes, it heats to between about 250 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit according to the type of molding materials and part design. Due to heat and compression, the part cures in as little as one to five minutes. As a result, shorter curing time means a high rate of turnaround and increased efficiency for automobile manufacturers.

Types of Parts

Parts produced by compression molding are even a part of higher-end manufacturing. They include:

  • Housing for airbags
  • Crossbeams
  • Headrests
  • Seatbacks
  • Floor parts

Composites from compression molding form a considerable range of parts for many current car models. And their strength, lightness and rapid turnout due to compression molding will make the process a standard in the industry for the foreseeable future.

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