Jun 30/21

Can You Get Health Insurance With a Manufacturing Job?

manufacturing job


What if you could get a job that protected your entire family?

No matter the state of the economy, a manufacturing job makes for one of the safest and most stable careers. But some people hesitate to apply because they are unsure if this job will come with any kind of health insurance.

So, can you get health insurance with a manufacturing job? Keep reading to discover the answer!

Getting Health Insurance With Your Manufacturing Job

Now for the big question: can you actually get health insurance with your manufacturing job? The short answer is “yes.”

As with other industries, the exact benefits you receive will be up to your employer. However, manufacturing is a growing and lucrative industry. Quite frankly, most companies will offer very competitive benefits rather than lose good workers to the competition.

However, you might be thinking that you can get health insurance in other industries as well. So if you’re still on the fence, we need to explore other potential benefits of the job.

Other Key Benefits

Aside from health coverage, the average manufacturing job offers something every worker dreams of a competitive salary!

Generally speaking, workers in this industry can expect to make about 7% more than workers in other industries.

To sum it, a manufacturing job will help you achieve competitive health benefits for you and your family as well as a solid paycheck. Along the way, you can enjoy the personal fulfillment that comes from working in one of the most innovative fields on the planet.

An Expanding Industry

At this point, a manufacturing job may sound too good to be true. Great pay and benefits…what’s the catch?

In all honesty, there is no true “catch.” While the manufacturing sector suffered during the height of COVID-19, it is already starting to bounce back in a big way. And before that, this industry saw almost constant growth for nearly a decade.

In other words, there are some great manufacturing jobs out there for those who have the passion and the talent. Beyond that, the final thing you need is the right level of training and education.

What Comes Next?

Now you know the many benefits of a good manufacturing job. But do you know where to find the job of your dreams?

Here at Mayco, we are building a better tomorrow with the workers of today. Come view our available manufacturing jobs and apply online today!