May 27/21

Building Sustainable Cars: The Growing Role of Recycled Plastic

recycled plastic

We’ve all heard about the importance of recycling, among other things, to help care for the environment. Many of us are happy to do our part to save water, turn the lights off when we leave the room, and recycle our milk cartons.

However, what we often don’t think about is where those recycled materials are going. What are the materials used for, exactly? And, do we ever see them again in our daily life?

As it turns out, there are many uses for recycled plastic. And, one of the more fascinating uses for it is creating sustainable vehicles. Learn more on recycled plastic cars below!

Commonly Recycled Materials

There are plenty of different types of plastics that we use on a day-to-day basis. However, not all of them are used in the automobile industry.

The most commonly used recycled materials are plastic water bottles. Plastic bottles and the plastic caps used to seal them both make up the majority of recycled plastics found in vehicles.

This is mainly thanks to the materials that make up these types of products. In vehicles, the more commonly required types of plastics are polyurethane, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). While that’s not an exhaustive list, it’s certainly the most common.

Plastic bottles and caps are useful for sustainable car parts because polymers make up the three plastics needed for vehicles.

Recycled Plastic in Car Interiors

One of the more common parts of the vehicle where you’ll find recycled plastic is in the car interiors.

For example, Chrysler uses recycled virgin plastic to build seat cushions in vehicles such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Most of their vehicles contain at least 40% recycled plastic parts.

Chrysler isn’t the only company creating recycled plastic car parts. Ford also uses recycled plastics on its upholstery. And, Nissan uses recycled plastics to create dashboards in their vehicles.

Recycled Plastic Car Exteriors

Recycled plastics also make up the interior of cars. Honda, Nissan, and General Motors use recycled materials to make their vehicle bumpers.

On top of that, both Toyota and General Motors use recycled plastic materials such as bottle caps to add radiator shrouds and air deflectors. They combine recycled materials with vehicle components made from plant materials to create sustainable cars.

Often found on car exteriors within the wheels. Wheel liners on Chrysler cars are made out of recycled plastics, too.

Creating Cars That Save the Planet

The sustainable car industry is an exciting one. Not only are we able to start saving the planet by creating electric and hybrid vehicles, but now we’re able to do so by simply recycling.

Next time you go to put a plastic bottle in the trash, think twice. By recycling that plastic bottle instead, you could help create vehicles that support a healthy planet.

Companies like Mayco International are supporting automobile companies with sustainable car parts made from recycled plastic. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us to learn about carriers and potential partnerships!