Aug 16/21

Bonuses for New Hires at Mayco: What to Expect in Your First Three Months

new hires


Here at Mayco, we treat new hires with the respect they deserve and offer them bonuses and benefits many companies do not.

In this article, we’ll discuss what you can expect as a new hire during your first three months here if you decide to work for us.

So, read on for more information about what it’s like to work with Mayco.

New Hire Bonuses

Mayco offers something many companies do not: new hire bonuses. If you get new hire bonuses with other companies, sometimes this is just a signing-on bonus that you get upon starting the job. However, at Mayco, we extend those bonuses to help enrich your life even more. Offering new hire bonuses at 45 and 90 days, meaning you’ll be rewarded for being with us six weeks and after three months.

This can be extremely helpful if you’re moving to start your job at Mayco or need a little extra cash to help you get situated in your new career. Either way, this bonus shows we value our employees.

Quarterly Perfect Attendance Bonus

If you’re the type never to miss a day of work, you’ll be greatly rewarded at Mayco. Each quarter, we offer employees who haven’t missed a day of work a quarterly perfect attendance bonus as a way of thanking them for their dedication to us.

We know that things sometimes come up that make it impossible to have perfect attendance every single day; that’s why we make the bonuses quarterly instead of annually. For example, if the flu or something else unforeseen comes up, you can take your time off to recover and know you can still get the bonus next quarter.

Annual Scheduled Raises

It can be awkward to sit your boss down and ask for a raise. In fact, 42% of individuals reported that they are uncomfortable negotiating their salary with their management. You won’t have to do that at Mayco, and there will be no need for you to pitch your strengths to us every so often in hopes of a raise. We value employee retention, and if you’re doing well, we want to keep you here. You can look forward to watching your salary, and career, grow with us.

Growth Opportunities

Working at Mayco International provides many career growth opportunities. Mayco is committed to assessing internal talent along with development paths. Through continuous improvement we have many examples of successful promotions in leadership positions, engineering, supervision, IT and manufacturing. Check out our employees and their testimonies on social media platforms.

Working at Mayco

New hires are valuable at Mayco, but so are the workers already with us. In addition, we also offer platinum health benefits – BCBS PPO, medical, prescription dental, vision, life insurance, etc. We also offer holiday and vacation pay along with a matched 401(K) retirement saving plan.

With 7,000 employees across 47 plants worldwide, we’re here to ensure that every one of them feel appreciated.

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