Apr 29/22

Biggest Advancements in Modern Car Manufacturing

car manufacturing


Technological innovations drive growth in labor productivity and economic value in almost every market. So, car manufacturing is no exception.

Cars tend to capture the human imagination. There’s a reason the cliche question to ask when you’re frustrated with slow-paced technological progress is, “where’s my flying car?”

Today, the global market value of automotive industries hovers at $3.8 trillion. Within that space, the value of the electric vehicles market sits at $163.1 billion.

Analysts predict EV technology developments will propel that submarket’s value to $823.75 billion by 2030. That’s an impressive compound annual growth rate of 18.2%.

Yet, EV technologies aren’t the only new inventions driving growth in this space. The automotive industry has also seen major breakthroughs in manufacturing—from machinery to production models.

Read on to discover the biggest advancements in modern vehicle manufacturing, and learn how each leap forward can power industry growth.

Zero-Carbon Manufacturing Technology

The iconic luxury car company Rolls Royce is committed to becoming a carbon-zero company. Unique technological innovations have enabled Rolls Royce to run entire plants on combined solar power and heat-pump technology.

And, with microgrid solutions and innovative, closed-loop recycling systems, the company is already moving toward its goals. In the past eight years, it has cut:

  • Energy consumption by 29%
  • Greenhouse gas emissions by 40%
  • Landfill waste by 71%

These reductions are a twofold good. They help the environment and Rolls Royce’s bottom line. Creating an eco-friendly workplace is an increasingly savvy strategy.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Innovations in artificial learning (AI) and machine learning (ML) have improved manufacturing robots’ ability to collaborate safely with humans.

In past eras, manufacturing robots were strictly confined to human safety. Today, new generations of robots can sense human actions and adjust their own movements accordingly. This enables collaborative assembly.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is another game-changer for car manufacturers.

3D printing lets manufacturers engage in rapid prototyping. Also, it empowers the development of new, strong, lightweight materials with techniques like precision fiber placement.

So, with continuous fiber manufacturing (CFM) technology, companies can produce new high-performance car parts at scale.

Optimize Car Manufacturing With Digital Twinning

A digital twin is a computer simulation of a component or series of components. Therefore, digital sensors from internet of things (IoT) technologies feed real-time data to the simulation software.

The precise, accurate data enhances the simulation, enabling better designs.

Digital twinning lets car manufacturers virtually plan out production with predictive models. It also enables leaders to optimize every step in the production process.

Autonomous Robots and Vehicles

Autonomous robots and vehicles are transforming auto manufacturing.

Self-driving forklifts, cranes and drones have streamlined production processes. They’ve also made some challenging tasks safer.

Likewise, semi-autonomous robots can now detect defects in manufacturing materials. Upon detection, these robots can adapt their processes or issue alerts to safety management teams.

Researchers believe self-driving trucks could similarly transform entire supply chains soon. In 2021, analysts predicted companies could deploy autonomous cargo-hauling trucks in supply chains in less than five years.

Autonomous tech has come a long way. This is only the latest in a line of innovations. Car manufacturers have been building better autonomous vehicles since NavLab created the first semi-autonomous car in 1984.

Analysts predict the new self-driving trucks could add over $100 billion in value to automakers.

The Future of Automotive Manufacturing

The future of car manufacturing is looking bright. Therefore, between renewable energy, predictive modeling, and advances in AI technology, this is an innovative era for automakers.

As technical evolution accelerates, don’t get left behind. Mayco International offers cutting-edge manufacturing, engineering, and logistics services to auto industry leaders worldwide. In sum, contact us today to learn what we can do for you.