Aug 20/21

Best In Class: Mayco International Acknowledges 2021 Interns

Mayco International has developed a robust internship program over the years. Our expectation is that our interns will bring their exuberance and knowledge to work on assigned projects that will benefit their further education, and at the same time be a productive part of the Mayco Family.  

Every intern’s application is reviewed, and each applicant is interviewed to determine their placement with a Mayco mentor.  During our intern’s employment, their mentor/mentors assign designated tasks to improve our products, processes, and workflow.   The interns refine their technical skills and communication abilities while getting a feel for work life.  The team effort by both the mentor group and the interns has been awesome! 

Now, we would like to take this opportunity to recognize our standout employees. Although fleeting, we value their time and work spent at Mayco International.

At the end of their internship, each student presents to our executive team what they’ve accomplished during their time at Mayco.  They need to report in a tangible way what projects they took on and what they’ve learned.  It’s always exciting to see how the interns have honed their skills and hear about the projects they’ve successfully implemented.

The young men and women who have interned with us are outstanding. I’m very impressed by each and every one of them.  

Nick DeMiro

President – Mayco International, LLC

Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Mayco International is dedicated to hard work, creativity, and independent thinking. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders – by encouraging a diverse community at every level of the company, we create strong teams with deep pools of knowledge and experience. Mayco welcomes interns in all of our departments – from Engineering to Safety, to IT. So, if you know of a student that would thrive in our summer program, send them our way!

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