Jan 10/20

Best Global Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering Traits


Finding the right tier 1 automotive supplier for your product needs can be a challenging process. Engineering capabilities, facilities, logistics, quality and more require careful evaluation. However, a leading supplier candidate typically emerges when certain criteria are met. The following are qualities of a world-class global automotive and manufacturing engineering company.

Global Reach

A supplier with a strong presence in the markets it serves not only increases responsiveness but taps into greater collaboration throughout its expanded resources. This results in better ideas and products for you.

Engineering Design Validation

A top supplier has the talent to take your sophisticated design or rough concept and drive a development process that results in products that meet your requirements. For instance, this supplier will engage the right stakeholders to ensure maximum satisfaction.


An ideal supplier creates innovative tooling for small through very large production runs. Tools must consistently produce a quality product each time, no matter how many parts are ordered. Expert tool designs result in high-quality parts.

Manufacturing Excellence

A world-class manufacturing operation achieves exacting standards with an eye towards being a global steward. Meaningful recycling programs keep waste, including plastics, out of our oceans and lands. As a result, this spares natural resources for future generations. To clarify, recycled materials already meet or exceed standards in new product manufacturing.

Mayco International is a leading automotive supplier that prides itself on global automotive and manufacturing engineering and production. To sum up, our extensive global network enables us to respond quickly to the needs of our customers, enabling them to be more competitive in their marketplaces.