Jun 02/22

Automotive Tooling: 3 Insights for Stakeholders

The automotive industry is often on the very cutting edge. But this means certain things will change before you know it!

Automotive tooling is a great example. You probably know the basics of what tooling is and how it works. But recent years have completely changed the role tooling plays for modern automotive industry companies.

What do you need to know about tooling? Keep reading to discover the insights you need to succeed!

The Need for Flexibility

In the automotive industry, everything is connected. Therefore, changes in one aspect of the industry can impact other parts of the industry in unexpected ways.

For example, the biggest developments in the automotive industry are the rising popularity of electric vehicles and self-driving vehicles. As the industry pivots to these different models, it has changed the exact automotive parts that companies need.

Therefore, modern toolers must be flexible in the parts they create. And tooling companies can expand their brand by heavily advertising their flexibility and willingness to provide custom parts for any need.

The Power of PCD

One of the biggest developments in automotive tooling can be summed up in two words. And those two words are polycrystalline diamond.

Polycrystalline diamond (or PCD) is a revolutionary cutting material. And for companies that can afford to use it, PCD can help boost their bottom line.

At first glance, PCD is much more expensive than alternative cutting materials. However, the tool has a very long life, and it provides a much shorter cycle time. This effectively lowers your cost per edge, and this can give automotive toolmakers the competitive edge they have been looking for.

Tooling and Supply Chain Challenges

By now, the average consumer has learned to dread the term “supply chain.” Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, supply chain woes have affected every industry, including the automotive industry.

The supply chain issues have helped highlight the need for versatile toolmakers. For example, many companies rely on importing the supplies they need from countries around the world. Global shipping times were already slow, and supply chain issues have made things worse.

Long story short? If your company still relies heavily on importing tools, your business is going to keep suffering. But if you can tool the parts you need (or find a reliable toolmaker), you can sidestep these delays, boost your sales, and become a household name that consumers trust.

Modern Solutions for Modern Challenges With Automotive Tooling

Now you know more about the challenges and opportunities related to automotive tooling. But do you know who you can trust with your future tooling needs and questions?

Here at Mayco International, we service automotive industries all over the globe. We specialize in services such as tooling, engineering, manufacturing, and so much more.

If you have tooling needs, we can provide the parts you need at the price you deserve. Whether you need to request some parts or simply have more questions about the automobile industry, all you have to do is contact us today!