May 12/23

Automotive Supplier: 3 Reasons to Choose Mayco International

automotive supplier


Could your company benefit from working closely with a Tier 1 automotive supplier? You won’t have any shortage of options.

Hundreds of automotive suppliers fill the auto industry. They help fulfill the needs of the automotive supply chain and keep the entire industry humming along.

So, which automotive supplier should your company trust? Mayco International is one of the very best Tier 1 suppliers of the bunch.

Check out three reasons why you should choose Mayco International to satisfy your auto supply demands.

1. Experience

Mayco International isn’t a new automotive supplier by any stretch of the imagination. The company first got off the ground back in 2006 when an auto supplier invested in Mayco Plastics, Inc.

Since then, Mayco has gone from being a small automotive supplier headquartered in Michigan to a large international automotive supplier with a global network of dedicated partners.

You’ll have complete confidence in Mayco International because of this. Mayco relies on its experience to provide clients with the best full-service art-to-part capabilities around.

From design to delivery, Mayco International can assist your company with every aspect of the automotive supply process.

2. Qualifications

When you hire Mayco International, you’ll be able to rely on more than just our experience. You can also count on the many qualifications that we’ll bring to the table.

Mayco International has earned quality qualifications such as the QS-9000 and ISO-14001. We’ve also earned a slew of awards stemming from our many achievements in the auto supply field. This includes Chrysler’s Gold Award for Superior Supplier Performance as well as the Grand Award for Innovation from the Society of Plastics Engineers.

You’ll have so much more faith in us as an automotive supplier thanks to these accomplishments. They help highlight our overall commitment to excellence.

3. References

You don’t get to carry the distinction of being called a Tier 1 automotive supplier without working with some of the biggest names within the auto industry. That is precisely what Mayco International has done over the last two decades.

Some of the most notable cars brands we’ve collaborated with include:

  • Chrysler
  • BMW
  • Tesla
  • Volkswagen
  • And others

You’ll be in great company when you add your company’s name to this list. It won’t take you long to see why so many other big automakers have trusted Mayco International to be their Tier 1 automotive supplier.

Choose Mayco International to Be Your Automotive Supplier

If your company needs a reputable Tier 1 automotive supplier, look no further than Mayco International. We’re always on the cutting edge of the latest automotive advancements.

We can supply your company with the auto supply services you need. We can also provide you with the most competitive prices in the business and ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the support you get from Mayco.

Are you interested in discovering more about Mayco International? Contact us today to see what sets us apart from the other automotive suppliers within the auto industry.