May 10/21

Automotive Lightweight Technologies: What’s Driving the Auto Industry?

automotive lightweight technologies

As a member of the auto industry, it will come as no surprise the impact that automotive lightweight technologies are having on the building of cars. The lightweight materials industry was worth a whopping 66.53 billion in 2019 and is only expected to continue to grow.

Anyone related to the field of lightweight engineering will tell you the goal of the future for cars is weight reduction. Therefore, this is true for any number of required and worthy reasons.

So, why have lightweight automotive technologies taken off? Why are lightweight technology developments so important for the auto industry going forward? Read on to learn more about this important trend in auto technologies.

What Does Lightweight Engineering Mean?

Lightweight engineering is a way for engineers and designers alike to consider the materials being used and their impact on the automobile they are creating. But it goes beyond just what are we using?

Lightweight technologies look at using materials or a combination of materials in a different way to meet the evolving requirements in any industry. For the auto industry that often means considering things like fuel efficiency and emission standards.

Vehicle lightweighting then means the materials are adjusted to incorporate elements and equipment from what was previously used. As a result, this improves the quality and compatibility with new industry standards.

How Are Automotive Lightweight Technologies Impacting the Auto Industry?

For even a layman, it’s a pretty simple idea that when a car weighs less. Therefore, there’s less to move and you can improve the vehicle’s efficiency.

Fuel efficiency is one area in the automotive industry that has made great strides in the making of cars. So, by garnering lightweight technologies in a variety of different car parts, automakers have been able to reduce car weights and improve fuel efficiency and meet stricter standards.

It might come as a surprise to many, even those in the industry, that larger and even higher-horsepower vehicles are often the ones taking advantage of lightweight technologies. But by using the technology in these vehicles, carmakers have been able to increase fuel efficiency and lower emissions in many of these vehicles.

There are a variety of products important to the use of this technology. These products include:

  • High strength steel
  • Aluminum
  • Magnesium
  • Advanced polymers
  • Plastics
  • Composites
  • Natural products

Auto suppliers, like Mayco, are an important part of the movement of these lightweight materials.

Automotive Lightweight Technologies to Change the Auto Industry

As an automaker or engineer working on the development of cars, you know important every minute piece of the vehicle can be. You also know how impactful one small piece can be on the overall makeup of the car. Automotive lightweight technologies can revolutionize your design.

At Mayco, we know a whole lot about lightweight engineering. We can help to show you how it can help your design process too. So, contact us today to request a quote on how we can help serve your supplier needs.