Sep 07/23

A Look at Some of the Biggest Future Auto Trends You Should Know About

auto trends


These days, over 90% of car buyers perform their research online before buying any vehicle, way more than any who have done so before. This is only one of many auto trends we can expect to continue moving into 2024 and beyond. So, what are some of the others?

This article will expand your understanding of where the auto industry currently sits, as well as where you might expect it to continue to grow. By the end, you should be ready to get ahead of the game and think about where you want to invest moving forward.

Continued Growth of EVs

Much like during the last decade, the automotive industry continues to undergo a massive shift toward EVs. In much of the Western E.U., and even parts of the U.S. and Canada, we are now seeing governments planning to phase out internal combustion entirely.

Safer Solid-State Batteries

One of the major advancements that will start to help EVs grow moving into the latter half of the ’20s is research into solid-state batteries. Instead of the liquid or gel electrolytes found in lithium-ion cells, a solid-state battery is much more stable and cannot leak. This makes them much safer.

Along with their higher energy density potential, they are lighter per energy unit too. These batteries have very few downsides compared to other options. Thus, with a little more polish, they will secure their place as the best option once they have become more viable for the individual consumer.


Self-driving vehicles, taxis, or delivery services already exist in many parts of America. Companies continue to invest in this form of transportation, which lends itself to lower overheads for any business. The trucking industry is also investing in this area, intending to put 24/7 vehicles on the road to replace its fleets.

As sensor housings and advanced components continue to develop, we will see these vehicles on the road more. Some of the best component manufacturers are also creating new ways to produce the critical parts needed in such cars. Thus, you can expect to see more on the road soon.

Connected Cars

Many people use their smartphone or other Internet of Things devices to log into their vehicles these days. Connected vehicles are becoming more ubiquitous, and Google, Ford, and Apple are all vying to be at the front of this change.

Apple even has plans to get into the above autonomous car space and intends to produce at least 100,000 such vehicles in the coming years.

Leaders in Auto Trends Long Into 2023

With the above auto trends in mind, you likely want to invest in vehicles that take such industry shifts into account. One example is Mayco International.

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