Mar 11/21

A Current Snapshot of the Automotive Interior Industry

automotive interior industry


The automotive interior industry is evolving. The growing autonomy of cars will affect the user’s driving experience.

Interior features are going to be the primary factor affecting buying decisions. Specific trends are on the rise.

These trends include the interest towards premium, hygienic, and sound-absorbing surfaces among others.

There’s also a focus on semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicle technologies. Some vehicle manufacturers have already presented their new concept cars featuring new technologies. These trends include the interest in premium, hygienic, and sound-absorbing surfaces, among others.

But what is the current snapshot of the automotive interior industry? And what can we expect in the future? Keep reading to learn more.

Sustainable Fabric Choices

Today, more and more brands are becoming greener and more sustainable. Automotive manufacturers are no different.

Many automotive companies are moving away from traditional automotive interior supplies. Instead, they’re opting for more environmentally-friend options.

Fabrics created with eucalyptus or pineapple fibers are greener seating materials. These materials prevent unwanted seat coverings from entering landfills.

They also come with cozy and comfortable plush textures. Plus, they come with impressive moisture management properties. This gives these materials another advantage.

Digital Enhancements

They are also on the list of growing automotive interior trends. Digital technology may even be the most significant element when it comes to automotive interiors.

Across many sectors, touchscreen options and AI features are becoming more and more common. New automotive interior features may include more prominent, more ergonomic display panels. They may also have fewer buttons and knobs.

Enhanced Passenger Comfort

Automotive interior comfort levels will become more and more important. For riders to be more comfortable during their ride, manufacturers have experimented with automotive components. These include ambient lighting, noise-blocking systems, and adaptive and adjustable seat positioning.

Space-Saving Features

Researchers are coming up with methods of providing more space to riders while they aren’t driving. Some mock-up ideas include retractable steering wheels and a swiveling front passenger seat. It also includes rear seating that can be folded away.

Again, this is to provide passengers with more comfort and space.

Improved Durability

The rideshare industry is growing in popularity. So, automotive interiors must be durable enough to welcome many passengers a day.

This requires interior materials that are strong and resistant to repeated wear and tear. Interiors should maintain and luxurious appearance, too.

Production Processes of the Automotive Interior Industry

New and innovative trends are being introduced to the automotive interior industry. As a result, this means there are new changes in the production processes too. This will affect the automotive interior industry too.

Enhancing interior durability will welcome new fabrics and coatings into the manufacturing process. There will also be increased use of sensors for digital enhancements.

For more comfort, space, and customization, some automotive interior components must change completely.

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