Nov 12/21

A Closer Look: What Is the Future of Automotive Technology?

automotive technology


When are fully self-driving cars going to become a reality? That’s the question on so many minds.

While self-driving car technology isn’t quite ready yet, it’s not that far off. Self-driving cars could be on the market by 2024 or 2025.

The future of automotive technology is bright and self-driving cars are just one of the many developments we have to look forward to. Keep reading to learn more about the most anticipated technologies in the automotive industry.

Self-Driving Cars

We couldn’t talk about advancements in automotive technology without mentioning self-driving cars.

Autonomous car technology is developing slowly but surely. Self-driving car technology has taken a hit because of the pandemic, but companies are focused on because of how much they have invested so far.

Electric Cars

Electric cars are doing well in current markets but there are still some major obstacles to the universal adoption of this technology. The biggest hurdle is the lack of charging stations.

We still expect electric and hybrid vehicles to become more prominent in the coming years.

Monitoring the Driver

Artificial intelligence can be used to monitor the condition of a vehicle’s driver.

It can alert drivers to changes in their driving that may be the result of a condition like drowsiness or a medical emergency. This alert can help drivers focus again or get them off the road until they are in a better state to drive.

This data can also be recorded for uses like proving liability in a personal injury case.

3D Printed Parts

3D printing technology may soon revolutionize the automotive parts industry.

This allows parts to be created and produced quickly, using materials like carbon. Parts made using carbon are lightweight, strong, and resistant to corrosion.

It’s only a matter of time before we’ll see cars with custom parts made using 3D printers.

Predictive Maintenance

Software in cars can provide drivers with useful information about the condition of their vehicle.

This software can monitor the condition of the various parts of a vehicle and take the guesswork out of maintenance. Many times, drivers don’t know when something needs to be repaired until it’s too late.

Remembering to schedule routine maintenance is challenging. With monitoring software, your car will flag problems and notify you immediately. Recommendations are provided for maintenance scheduling.

Sharing Data

Cars can share data to improve user experiences just like other gadgets that are connected to the internet.

There are tons of applications for the storage and sharing of data. One example is to improve GPS efficiency. Data can help your vehicle find the best route with the least amount of traffic.

Sharing data can help create the most accurate picture of the current state of the road.

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