Jan 18/21

7 Tesla Car Interiors The Industry is Keeping Up With

tesla car interior


Over 318,000 Tesla vehicles have been sold since the beginning of 2020.

When Tesla vehicles first hit the market, the world was in awe. People were amazed at the self-driving features and acceleration abilities. Celebrities and influencers everywhere couldn’t wait to get their hands on one.

Many people are unable to afford a Tesla, but luckily the industry is starting to pick up some hints to better share the wealth. A lot of these hints are coming from a Tesla car interior. It’s undeniable the inside of a Tesla is stylish.

You might be wondering exactly what ideas the industry is taking. We are giving you a hint below. Keep reading to see 7 Tesla-inspired ideas the industry can’t afford to miss.

1. Touchscreen Display

Every Tesla owner will tell you about the magic of the large touchscreen display in the car interiors. This touchscreen replaces all the usual buttons and knobs found within most cars.

User data is stored in this touchscreen including everything from how you like your seat positions to your favorite radio stations. It also allows you to mess with a variety of vehicle and air conditioner settings.

This touchscreen is like having a huge, all-powerful smartphone in your car.

2. Sleek, Minimal Design

Tesla car interiors are cool without being flashy. The interior is sleek and smooth- a display of modern design. Buyers have a few options of interior colors that include black, white, and tan.

3. Premium Wi-Fi Connectivity

With the addition of a small monthly fee, most Tesla vehicles allow owners to connect to Wi-Fi from the interior of their car. You also might be surprised to know that this doesn’t just stop at better navigation and maps.

In some Teslas, you’re able to stream videos or display karaoke songs. Think about the road trips you could have if the industry put karaoke features in other cars.

4. Glass Roof

The panoramic clear glass roof allows drivers to soak up the scenery. This kind of roof is especially enjoyable in self-driving cars. You might be able to do a bit more cloud glazing.

5. Several USB Ports

Some Tesla car interiors provide up to 4 USB ports. This sounds unnecessary, but it’s more than necessary in the age of smartphones. More cars should have multiple USB ports.

6. Wood Trim

Newer Tesla models feature wood trim on the front dash that stretches from side to side. It’s a beautiful contrast to sleek pleather. This wood adds a hint of warmth to the car.

7. Comfortable, Supportive Front Seats

Have you ever sat down in a car to drive and immediately felt like your back was aching? Fortunately, the Tesla features extremely comfortable front seats. The industry should definitely focus on this feature a bit more.

Style Meets Substance: Tesla Car Interior

The Tesla car interior is one of the sleekest interiors in the industry. There are plenty of features that other manufacturers can’t afford to miss.

Between the large touchscreen displays and minimal design, sitting in a Tesla feels luxurious. Hopefully, in the next several years, we will be seeing similar design features in other cars.

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