Dec 21/20

5 Tips on Creating an Eco-Friendly Workspace for Auto Companies

eco-friendly workspace


Companies can have eco-friendly workspaces, but they often face different choices than individuals. While switching the lights off in the house is easy for a family, it can be more challenging to stay green for big manufacturing companies.

That said, there are plenty of strategies companies can practice for an eco-friendly workplace. Discover some of them here.

1. Start a Sustainability Team

If you’re not sure where to start, one of the best green cleaning solutions is to start a sustainability team. A proactive sustainability team can raise awareness and help create a green work environment.

Projects for the sustainability team can include setting up a recycling program and informing about purchasing decisions on energy-efficient appliances and supplies.

A sustainability team can also teach and educate staff on how to be green with informal yet informational lunch sessions with local departments of water and power. When employees are making efforts to engage one another, it’s often more effective than merely receiving memos from the top.

The team can also make monthly assessments and inspections by checking the power and gas meters, the number of office supplies ordered, and more.

2. Go Paperless

Did you know that corrections, revisions, and notes on printed documents contribute to significant amounts of waste? Then, the papers that are kept often take up space in storage.

The greenest paper is no paper at all. It’s time to go digital.

Whenever you can, keep things digital. It’s super simple to keep digital files on your computers and other devices, plus you can save files in the cloud so that you always have access to them.

Try to get into the habit of reviewing and editing digital documents on-screen instead of printing them out. Other techniques to go paperless include printing less in general and asking clients to send e-statements and invoices instead of paper sent through the post.

Setting up automated online payments further reduces paperwork by removing the need for printed checks too. It’s a win-win.

3. Switch to Clean Energy

It’s impossible to eliminate electricity use from manufacturing offices. But, you can help by switching to clean energy providers, such as solar, wind, or geothermal sources.

Of course, not every company can switch. If you can’t, upgrade older and less efficient tools and equipment for more energy-efficient options. Recycle the old devices responsibly or donate them to a non-profit or another company that needs them.

You can also change the light bulbs for LED or CFL options.

Creating an Eco-Friendly Workspace

There are plenty of practices companies can do to go green and create an eco-friendly workspace. Making these green changes are excellent, not only for the environment but for your company too. Many people seek out eco-friendly companies and care about the environment, so you’re likely to attract more talent by going green.

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