Dec 19/22

5 Technologies That Have Revolutionized the Auto Industry

 Auto Industry


Did you know that nearly 43 percent of people in the United States don’t feel safe in a driverless car, according to this survey?

The amount of work being done on these vehicles, and the immense amounts of study going into this technology and others similar to it. These technologies have pushed the auto industry forward, and it’s important to know how it will keep moving forward.

Read on to learn about five of the best technologies that have helped (and will continue to help) the auto industry advance.

1. Autonomous Vehicles

You’ve probably heard of autonomous vehicles before. Some cars are capable of completely driving themselves, while others can perform certain functions, like parallel parking.

So, technology changes the entire auto industry, as it’s already begun to do with the growing number of cars that have features like autonomous cruise control or start/stop technologies.

2. Biometric Seat Technology

These advanced biometric systems allow drivers to deal with common distractions while driving, which is meant to make the entire experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

It works with data collected from the driver’s palm and face, along with information from the steering wheel, throttle, accelerator, and clutch to detect the driver’s stress level. Therefore, with stressed drivers, the car will tell them to take a break from the wheel.

4. Solar Cars

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular and convenient for consumers around the world. The technology allows cars to travel using the solar energy stored in the panels, meaning a reduced carbon footprint.

Therefore, saving drivers money on gas, but also coming with great environmental benefits. In return, drivers won’t have to fill up as often either. When combined with gas, however, some consumers may feel like their car is more reliable, and it might make the switch to environmentally-friendly vehicles an easier one to make.

That solution isn’t a perfect one, but it’s a step in the right direction toward building a healthier planet.

5. Energy-Storing Body Panels

In simple terms, these vehicle’s body panels serve as its battery. An improvement to solar technology, sometimes used within cars. They’re made of polymer fiber and carbon resin, which reduce a car’s weight by up to 15 percent.

They’ll be able to store energy faster than regular batteries, meaning more overall vehicle efficiency.

The Auto Industry Will Never Look the Same

As advancements are made, and new ones are discovered, the auto industry shifted away from the technologies they once relied on. As these technologies continue to be studied and explored, they’ll become more reliable and ready for everyday use.

So, that’s where auto suppliers are going to be important. Luckily, we’re here to help. Contact us to get started today.