Dec 17/21

5 Questions to Ask an Automotive Parts Supplier

automotive parts supplier


What if you were sabotaging the reputation of your business and didn’t even know it?

When you sell things like car parts, then the reputation of your business is only as good as the reputation of your products. To maintain a great reputation, you need to find a great parts supplier.

But how can you tell if someone is a reliable automotive parts supplier or not? Keep reading to discover the questions you should ask them!

1. “How Fast Can You Process Orders?”

Sometimes, the best questions you can ask your automotive parts supplier are the simple ones. And at the top of the list is this question: “how fast do you typically process orders?”

Depending on the part, a supplier may need to refurbish it or manufacture it from scratch. Make sure you know how long this will take so you don’t keep your own customers waiting too long!

2. “What Are the Maximum Tolerances?”

Earlier, we touched on the fact that your own business is only as good as the quality of the parts you sell. And that means before you sell anything, you need to know what the maximum tolerances are like.

As an example, you need to know what the bend angles are like. Even a small change in the angle can catastrophically ruin the final product.

By knowing what the maximum tolerances are for parts, you can keep customers informed while also keeping them safe!

3. “What Are Your Warranties or Guarantees?”

Your own customers will naturally be curious about the warranty or other guarantee you offer for the parts you sell. In short, they want to know what you will do to make things right in the event something goes wrong.

And this is something you should ask your own automotive supplier about. You need to know about any warranties and guarantees and also the exact circumstances in which someone can potentially void these guarantees.

4. “What Is Your Manufacturing Process Like?”

Sometimes, the best questions to ask are the ones that generate the most answers. And that’s why we recommend asking suppliers what their manufacturing process is like.

There is no magic “right answer” to this question. But asking it helps you discover if the supplier is using up-to-date equipment and techniques. This will give you a better idea about the quality and consistency of the parts they provide.

5. “What Materials Do You Use?”

Even when two suppliers have the same manufacturing process, the final products may not be the same. That is because the materials used play a major part in the quality of the products.

And different materials may be suited for different areas and climates. Plain steel is a bad choice in the southeast thanks to the humidity, for example, but may be a better material choice in drier areas.

Find the Right Automotive Parts Supplier Today

Now you know which questions to ask an automotive parts supplier. But what if you could find the perfect automotive supplier today?

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