Nov 05/21

4 Advancements in Car Technology You Should Know About

car technology


Did you know that the automotive market is expected to be worth $394 billion by 2028? As the 4th largest producer of cars globally, the United States will need to work to keep up with a growing and changing industry.

Luckily, car technology is already progressing far beyond what we could have even dreamed of in previous years. Read on to learn about some automotive technology advancements that all car enthusiasts should keep an eye on.

1. Brain-Wave Technology

One of the coolest advancements in automotive technology is brain-to-vehicle tools. Nissan is coming up with a lightweight, unobtrusive headset that’s full of electrodes that connect to the brain. It can then identify signs that the driver’s brain is about to send signals to the body for movement.

The brain-to-vehicle technology aims to initiate these movements more quickly and speed up driver reaction times. Regardless of skill, drivers will have an easier time controlling and managing their vehicles. Since many accidents could be avoided with faster reaction times, brain-wave headsets are likely to prevent accidents and injuries in the future.

2. Self-Driving Vehicles

Some experts in the automotive industry have gone the extra mile with automatic movements to a vehicle. They don’t sense a driver’s next move before they can make it. Instead, they have no driver at all.

Self driving car technology uses sensors to figure out their surroundings. Their high-level control systems interpret this data to find paths to the destination. These paths take obstacles and roadblocks into account to ensure safety.

One day, we may just be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride that autonomous car technology provides for us!

3. Custom-Designed Vehicles and Parts

Customization is all the rage in many different industries as of 2022. The automotive market is no exception. Consumers demand the ability to be in control of their vehicles, wanting to be in control of both aesthetics and functionality.

As a result, cars are becoming more and more customizable. Mayco International can design and fit an entire aftermarket automotive interior and instrument panel to your vehicle with high-level assembly sequencing services. You can also commission custom-built parts from our experts to ensure that your car looks and functions in your ideal way.

4. Lightweight Parts

As a tier-one automotive supplier Mayco International takes pride in working with OEMs to develop new technologies and materials to reduce the weight of vehicles. Reducing vehicle weight improves gas mileage and makes vehicles more efficient helping to reduce the carbon footprint. It also helps the end user by saving them money at the gas pump!

Get the Latest Car Technology Today

While driving has been a staple of life for over 100 years, advancements haven’t stopped yet. Experts continue to find new ways to make getting behind the wheel safer, easier, and more interesting.

Now that you know some of the best car technology as we move into 2022, it’s time to get started. We’re excited to answer your inquiries and give you a quote for your individual specifications. Contact our team with any questions that you have about advancements in the automotive industry.