Jan 25/23

3 Things to Know About the Latest Advanced Automotive Technologies

advanced automotive technologies


Advanced automotive technologies are saving lives and saving the planet. In fact, according to the EPA, recent statistics show that CO2 emissions from new vehicles are at a record low, while fuel economy for new cars is at a record high.

If you haven’t researched all the amazing advancements recently in automotive technology, now is the best time. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most thrilling for drivers!

1. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced designs in automotive technology center around one important element, the safety of the driver. Before, every time you change lanes, you must check your blind spot. Today, automotive technology changed this, helping drivers and preventing accidents.

With advanced driver assistant systems, it will detect your blind spot for vehicles. It will also keep your vehicle from drifting outside your lane and it will ensure you are a safe distance away from a vehicle in front of you.

The first example of this type of advanced automotive technology is anti-lock brakes. Today, anti-lock brakes are standard for new cars.

What else is new?

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Blind-spot alert
  • Cross-traffic alerts
  • Forward collision warning/avoidance
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane-keep assist
  • Reverse brake assist

These automotive technologies are available to vehicle owners in a safety suite bundle.

2. Automatic Emergency Braking

Next, today’s automotive technology design is preventing rear-end accidents.  When the vehicle itself senses a collision is about to occur, AEB will activate the car’s brakes. This is to avoid or minimize the driver from experiencing an accident.

The beauty of AEB is that it reacts faster than a human. Before you hit the brakes, the AEB is working.

Further, you may already be putting your foot on the brakes, but you need to stop faster. AEB can make braking harder, even if you are not applying enough pressure.

Automakers are undergoing a voluntary effort to ensure that the AEB plus forward collision warning is available by August 31, 2023, in all new passenger vehicles.

3. 360-Degree Camera

New cars in all price ranges offer this neat advanced automotive technology. It’s popular with car buyers, too. 360-degree cameras are convenient, easy to use, and will reduce the chances of potential damage to your car.

Clever automotive technology combines cameras from every side of your vehicle. The care will then show you a virtual view of your surroundings from the top down.

Next time you park in a parking lot, it will show you if you are in between the lines. If you are in a tight squeeze in the garage, the 360 camera will show the sides of your garage and help you avoid scratches as you back out.

Advanced Automotive Technologies

As the world keeps turning and time passes, you can suddenly look around you and see all the wonders of advanced automotive technologies, and how it is saving lives.

While advanced designs in automotive technology are superb, they are not easily accomplished. It takes innovation, collaboration, stamina, and guts to bring them to market.

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