Aug 05/22

3 Reasons Why Mayco Is Among the Top Tier-One Automotive Suppliers

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What if one wrong decision affected the satisfaction and loyalty of countless customers?

For companies that rely on automotive suppliers, this happens constantly. When they choose a low-quality, tier-one automotive supplier, it affects the quality of multiple products. As quality declines, customers end up flocking to industry rivals instead.

However, Mayco International has maintained its stance as the top tier-one automotive supplier in the industry. Our fingers are on the pulse of tomorrow, which is why we are helping to create products like a revolutionary stand-up electric ATV.

Still not convinced? Keep reading to discover the major reasons why Mayco International is the automotive supplier you can always count on!

1. Awards Help Us Stand Out From Other Automotive Suppliers

There are many international automotive suppliers out there. How can you choose which one is right for you? One way to do so is to rely on suppliers who are winning major awards.

For example, Mayco International is one of tier 1 automotive suppliers that Jeep Grand Cherokee relies on. If you don’t already know, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the most-awarded SUV of all time.

These awards constantly include recognition for the world-class interior design (which we help to create) and the outstanding quality (which we help maintain). Why rely on just any of the largest automotive suppliers when you can rely on one with a proven track record of success?

2. A Supplier That Cares About the Environment

One of the biggest trends in the automotive industry is environmental consciousness. Part of why there is such passion for things, like electric vehicles is that both consumers and industrial giants desire to create a more sustainable way.

Mayco International has taken bold steps toward creating a better world. For instance, we partnered with Green Dot Bioplastics on a reclaimed fiber project. This helped us reduce waste and led to the development of new Terratek NFRP technology as an alternative to plastics.

On top of that, we rely heavily on recycled materials and virgin plastics. And we invested in both water conservation and renewable wind energy to help heal the planet.

3. A Full Range of Services

In the automotive industry, efficiency is everything. It’s better to find a single automotive supplier for your needs than to rely on several different ones.

At Mayco, we offer a full range of services you may need. This includes engineering, tooling, manufacturing, assembly, and sequencing. We also handle your logistics and supply needs.

Long story short? We do our best to be a “one-stop shop” for all of your automotive supply needs. This lets you focus on quality craftsmanship rather than hunting down different suppliers for each new need.

Automotive Suppliers: Never Settle for Second-Best

Now you know why Mayco International is the top choice among automotive suppliers. But do you know how we can help take care of all your needs?

Here at Mayco, we are standing by to provide anything and everything you need. To discover the difference Mayco makes,  contact us today!