Aug 12/22

3 Latest Trends in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

automotive manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing Industry

What if the automobile industry landscape had changed and you didn’t even know it?

If you’re in automotive manufacturing, it’s important to know how that landscape is changing. For example, in 2021 alone, Tesla managed to deliver¬†936,172 electric vehicles, breaking the previous record.

Making your company successful today means understanding what the future holds. With that in mind, keep reading to discover the biggest trends shaping the automotive manufacturing industry!

1. More Electric Cars Than Ever Before

The biggest trend in automotive manufacturing is one that we touched on before. Specifically, more electric cars are being made than ever before. And this is in response to a major increase in consumer demand.

Previously, much of the passion surrounding automotive suppliers like Tesla was that consumers wanted to drive more environmentally-friendly cars. While that passion is still there, many more drivers crave an escape from the soaring gas prices they must pay to fuel their traditional cars.

Companies are rising now to meet this demand. In addition to Tesla, electric vehicles are being manufactured by big names like BMW, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford, and many more. This is changing the cars we drive and the parts we make to power those cars.

2. More Connected Cars

Another consumer-led industry change in the automotive industry is the rise of “connected cars.” These are cars designed from the ground up to connect to the internet.

On the simplest level, this lets cars generate their own wi-fi. This means drivers and their children can enjoy easy streaming of their favorite music and shows, even in areas with spotty (or no) internet.

On a more complex level, these cars can transmit detailed diagnostics, and vehicle health reports and even prevent breakdowns before they happen. This technology is popular now and will be a game-changer in the coming years. But this means automotive manufacturing companies must now deal with the maintenance of these high-tech innovations.

3. An Increase In Digital Sales

Very often, consumers lead the changes automotive manufacturers have to deal with. And this all starts with how they buy their cars.

Traditionally, buying a car meant a trip to the dealership. However, more and more consumers are finding and purchasing their vehicles online. And while this started as an alternative to visiting the dealership, many local dealers now offer digital sales.

With digital sales, customers can better customize the features they want. Drivers mostly want features like heated seats, front and back sensors, and four-wheel drive. The average automotive manufacturer needs to be prepared to meet this increased demand.

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